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„VETwin-winModel“ - Design of the interlocking of vocational training and company further training as a key to competence development in training facilities and concerns (sector: construction; industrial-technical field)

In the EU the training staff performs a key function in the development of the efficacy of the training systems and the economy. The need for action to assure the development of competence of the key protagonists for the initial training and company further training is outlined in the report from the EU Commission, in which the inadequate professional development of instructors in vocational initial and further training is described as an as yet unresolved problem and course of action in the EU member states. The results of a BMBF supported project for the linking of vocational training and company further training showed that the integrated linking of vocational training and company further training in the working process can be a decisive approach to a concept for the development of employee competence and in addition assure the competitive ability of training facilities and enterprises. The results of the project completed at the end of 2009 were an essential element of the innovation transfer project which were transferred and used in this project for the building industry and the industrial technical sector as well as for other industrial sectors.

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