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VET4 MORT: Vocational Education and Training for Morticians
Start date: 20 Aug 2016, End date: 19 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HOK) is an institution authorized to promote, coordinate and represent the common interests of tradesmen and craftsmen. Fast economic changes put even larger demands before trades and crafts and their employees; they are required to act quickly and flexibly to the changing conditions of both, Croatian and the EU single market. Success can be achieved only through continuous training and specialization. Within the framework of its public authorities, HOK conducts activities in the area of initial and LLL VET, with special attention to master's and vocational competences exams.On morticians' and HOK's initiative in 2015, the legal framework for conducting the mortician business has been established. The framework establishes the conditions for conducting the mortician business and the way the vocational competences exam for morticians is performed. The authority to conduct the exam has been given to HOK. The exam will be conducted jointly by the Department for Education, Human Resources and IT and the Department for the Organisation of Guilds, which cooperated, prepared and designed together legal and by-law documents regarding mortician business.Through this mobility project, HOK aims to enhance professional competences of examiners and employees, who will conduct the exam, and to strengthen its institutional capacities with the aim to improve the quality of conducting the vocational competences exam for morticians.The mobility participants will be chosen from the list of examiners for conducting the vocational competences exam for morticians and from the representatives of HOK and Craft College. There will be 14 participants altogether. The host of the mobility will be Trades and Crafts Chamber for Munich and Upper Bavaria (HWK Munich), a long time partner of HOK, which will organize the mobility in cooperation with the Bavarian Mortician Federation and the Federal Education Centre for Morticians, the only official morticians' school in Europe. During the mobility, participants will get acquainted with education for morticians by visiting the mentioned institutions, through presentations, demonstrations and peer interactions between professionals in the mortician business. Each examiner will acquire the knowledge about methods and content of the exam for its specific area as well as ways to adjust those areas to the mortician business. HOK and Craft College will acquire knowledge about organisational aspects of the exam and possibilities to enhance the exam preparation materials for candidates. German morticians are interested in establishing a cooperation with representatives from Croatia and transferring their knowledge, skills and experiences in the area of education for morticians, because they are particularly engaged in the promotion of quality education for morticians on the EU level, as well as establishing an occupational standard which would be equally validated, accepted and recognized across the whole EU.Knowledge and experience which will be acquired by mobility participants will directly influence the realization of HOK's strategic goals defined in the Development Strategy 2014 – 2020, especially the strategic goal 7 – Trades and crafts education concerning the development and conduction of programmes for acquiring the qualifications based on the competences matching trades and crafts needs.Participants will use acquired knowledge in their everyday work. The mobility will ensure that relevant skills and competences needed for improving the quality of preparing and conducting the vocational competences exam for morticians (the E-Database of Questions and Answers, the Catalogue of Questions and exam preparation materials) are acquired, which will increase the quality of the examination process of morticians skills and competences, which will eventually enhance the mortician business in Croatia. Skills and competences will be used to further develop, promote and professionalize this occupation in Croatia. Finally, a very important aspect is building the trust in the occupation of mortician and strengthening its social and economic influence and reputation.As the aim of the project is to encourage the cooperation between institutions on the European level, it will have a positive impact on the Chamber's internationalization of work and the improvement of HOK and HWK Munich partnership, as well as develop the partnership with Bavarian Morticians Federation and Federal Education Centre for Morticians. The international aspect of the mobility will influence the stronger exchange of experiences, knowledge and information between involved institutions, and indirectly between mortician businesses. All participants in the mobility will be motivated for their own specialization, foreign languages learning, project work and cooperation with international partners.
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