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VET Schools as Entrepreneurial Hubs
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Regardless of the sheer diversity of VET systems across Europe, we commonly find that many of them fail to acknowledge its essential role in securing a smooth transition for Young people into the world of work. However, a highly relevant curriculum and close connections with the world of work place VET schools in an unbeatable position to put forward an ambitious entrepreneurship education agenda. Our approach envisages VET schools to further support the entrepreneurial aspirations of some of their students by transforming themselves from mini-company schemes and business ideas contests supporters into real regional/local hubs for entrepreneurship. Our partnership has achieved a long and collaborative procedure to come up with INCUVET intending to cover both geographical (from Spain to Finland/Estonia and from Greece to Belgium) and strategic thematic coverage in the field (from regional/local agencies to promote entrepreneurships to companies, VET centres and an EU wide VET network). Our methodology opts for an intellectual outcomes and specific activities approach based on the expertise of the partners. Our Intellectual outcomes and activities methodology include: O1. Entrepreneurial VET Schools. New Insights and Practice Guide (Activities: Collecting data for Knowledge Base, Structure for workshop reporting, Workshop reporting, Publication of final Practice Guide) O2. INCUVET Critical Friend Protocol (Activities: Design critical friend protocol, Application of Critical Friend tools in Transnational Workshops) O3. Project Website/platform (Activities: Website. Information gathering and planning, Development, Delivery and maintenance incl Newsletters 4 per year) O4. Evaluation, quality and impact report (Activities: Evaluation, quality and impact plan, follow up, analysis and reporting) O5. Project visual identity and branding (Activities: Design, development and translation of project visibility toolkit, Translation and printing of visibility tools) This architecture includes the organization and implementation of 4 thematic workshops and a multiplier event at the end of the project. Our impact analysis approach will be based on an activity (Intellectual outcomes plus training and multiplier event) stakeholder approach and will cover: • impact for the persons involved (VET students and teachers, employers), • impact on the institutions involved (Schools, Local Authorities/Local Council; Locally engaged businesses, Third sector/Social Economy organisations, Start-up Advice Provider institutions…etc.) • impact on policies (mainstreaming), • impact on better synergies between research, policy and practice INCUVET recalls that interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial cooperation stand out as crucial elements in the equation for the success in the sustainability of INVCUVET and has foreseen actions to promote and make real the further exploitation of our intellectual outcomes and results through an ad hoc collaborative strategy.
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