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VET promoting internationalisation and linguistic, cultural and working skills
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main background to the project is our former Leonardo da Vinci mobility project that took place between LK and the college YCC, Scarborough, England during 2012-2014. We sent in total 11 students from our Vehicle and Transport Programme at LK to YCC and local workshops where the students had a two week period of vocational training. Since it was a success, except for the fact that YCC was not granted any fundings, we now want to move on and hopefully bring along a similar project but where a real exchange will take place. We found our project partner, WLC, Livingston, Scotland, through our branch organisation's homepage and we have already cooperate and our relations are well established by now. We have already visited each other's organisations and we feel that we have a joint foundation to build on. The profile of the participants are in all 16 year 2 students at the Vehicle and Transport Programme. The 16 students are chosen through an application process based on personal letters and interviews. The main activities are to send two groups of students of 8 at a time to our project partner WLC in Scotland. The participants will undergo two weeks' of vocational training at local garages, have a brief look of the organisation of WLC, stay in host families and participate in social and cultural events. Our hopes are that WLC are able to get fundings in order to send 16 students to LK and workplace based training, with host accomodation and social/cultural events. The methodology used is to offer all year 2 students at the Vehicle and Transport Programme at LK the possibility to apply, then project administrators together with automotive staff and principal will choose participants. Staff from LK will accompany the participants on the trip and during the first day of vocational training. WLC is responsible for placing our students in host families and local garages. Students will be supervised and monitored by a tutor at the local garage as well as WLC staff. The monitoring is based on skills documents constructed by LK automotive staff. To ensure that this project is going to be successful we applied for local grants during spring 2014. This enabled us to pay WLC a visit as well as inviting them for a return visit before the end of 2014. Through these meetings we feel that we have a strong foundation to build on when it comes to future cooperation between LK and WLC concerning this and future projects.The expected results are: - A positive development of quality and internationalisation concerning the Vehicle and Transport Programme and the organisation at LK and within KSGYF as a whole.- Enhanced and improved language learning for students as well as staff. - Improved cultural awareness for the participants. - Increased self-esteem for the participants. - Better possibilities for employability and mobility in the future. The desired results are as the expected results above. Added to this our hopes are that the future projects will spread among other programmes at LK. We also hope that a mutual understanding concerning the importance of internationalisation could grow among staff and management at KSGYF. For keeping a wider international perspective in mind an international development plan for KSGYF as a whole would be an important tool in the future. Furthermore, our hopes are that technical will play a more important part of English eduation in the future. In a longer term international projects should be seen as a natural part of education within KSGYF. In order to establish this it might also have to be part of the organisation’s budget. Our hopes and beliefs are that the outcome of this project will coincide with the specific educational goals of Erasmus+:- We believe that the students' key competences and level of vocational skills will be improved through their two weeks' of vocational training in Scotland. - Improve the level of quality and internationalisation at the Vehicle and Transport Programme at LK and to strengthen the level of quality and internationalisation throughout our organisation as a whole. - To establish an extended form of exchange with WLC and hopefully involve other programmes at WLC as well as at LK. - Support lifelong learning, from a vocational as well as individual perspective.- Improve language education and learning. - Improve consciousness concerning intercultural awareness. The main objectives of our project are: - Achieve an improved learning performance through a better awareness of their own education.- Enhanced employability through a certificate which verifies the experience of vocational training in a foreign country. - Increased self-esteem by successfully being part of the exchange. - Improved foreign language competence by using everyday/technical English in a natural enviroment. - Better motivation for using English skills. - Enhanced intercultural awareness.

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