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VET Mobilities in Hospitality Industry/ Mobilitātes viesmīlības indutrijā
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"HOTEL SCHOOL "Viesnīcu biznesa koledža is founded with the aim to provide the best and the most qualitative education in hospitality industry and help to start a career in leading hospitality related enterprises in Latvia and abroad.This project will help to achieve these aims,tutors who are professionals with practical experience in the hospitality industry, need to continue their professional development all the time and get new professional skills and competences, follow all innovations in the industry, because hospitality industry is dynamic and is developing really fast. Secondly, international experience is needed because best practice examples can later be adapted to Latvian market. Special attention will be paid to the areas which are not so well developed in Latvia yet, for example, renewable energy sources, sustainable development, recreation sector, etc). As in this project it is planned to involve college methodologist, programme director, it will help to improve and modernize the curriculum and start a new programme (Culinary Art in September 2017). All project partcipants will improve their foreign languages, working language is English, but they will have a chance to learn/ start learning Greek and Spanish. All participants will be able to see and work in multicultural environment, which will help them later on in their communication with customers in hospitality related enterprises.It is planned to involve 40 participants in the project, out of which 24 students and 16 tutors.Students are expected to have summer internships abroad: in Spain(16 students) and Greece(8 students).These activities will be carried out in two rounds: summer 2017, summer 2018.During study process, our students get a lot of theoretical knowledge, but with the help of the project they will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge to practice, get practical skills and competences, work in compliance with high hotel standards and regulations.Our students are representatives of different social layers, for some of them this project is a unique opportunity to get international experience because of financial problems. As in Latvia there is a shortage of qualified professionals in the hospitality industry, this experience is needed for Latvian market and hospitality industry in general. Young qualified professionals with international work experience, knowing high hotel standards, being able to work in multicultural environment, speaking foreign languages will be competitive in Latvian market and will be able to contribute to hospitality industry development, setting up high standards in Latvian hotels and companies and starting new enterprises.When students come back from their summer internships, they will share their experience and knowledge among 1year students, tutors, guests in the fair "October Fair" where they will represent their hotel. The information about the project will be published on college web page, college social media sources(facebook, twitter,etc.)College staff are also expected to participate in the project is staff training mobilities in Spain and in Greece. It is planned to organise 2 mobilities for staff: one- for 8 staff members to Spain, another- for 8 staff members to Greece. The length of each mobility is 7 days (excluding travel days). As a result of these mobilities, the following aims are expected to be achieved: all knowledge, skills and competences gained during the project will be applied to the current study process, the tutors will share them with the students during lectures and seminars; the curriculum/programme is expected to be improved and modernized; the new programme(Culinary Art) will be developed; learning best practice exapmples will contribute to the foundation of new college restaurant and hotel. As College is planning to start a new programme in September, 2017, Culinary Arts, it is necessary to learn/refresh staff's knowledge about international cuisines, get good practice examples from high quality restaurants and hotels. Special attention will be paid to the areas that are not so well developed in Latvia yet , for example, organising entertainment for holiday makers, the use of alternative sources, sustainable development programmes in hotels and restaurant, etc. As partners for these project activities, Atlantica Hotels and Resorts and Stage and Go have been chosen because they have proved to be reliable and trustworthy partners within long time period with excellent reputation and experience. Spain is famous for recreation possibilities for holiday makers, as well for the use of renewable energy.Atlantica Hotels & Resorts works to assess, design, implement and maintain management systems in accordance with recognized standards such as ISO 14001:2004, hotels have developed ATLANTICA HOTELS & RESORTS 3 YEAR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PLAN. This experience is especially useful because College is planning to set up a new hotel and restaurant.
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