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VET - Action for Developing of Innovations in Social Entrepreneurship
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The frequent need for acquiring the curricula through project work of students as well as the education field of innovation and entrepreneurship entailed he need for training of teacher by project VET - ADISE The general objective of the project is to provide competence of the teacher to lead student projects, encouraging the creativity and initiative of the students in direction of innovation in social entrepreneurship. The project should promote the teacher as mentor of the social entrepreneurship, and the student should achieve the role of social entrepreneur, creator of student project initiatives in different areas such as medicine, education, art, culture, etc. The project will involve 6 teachers from professional educational area that will be selected by regular procedure of selection and prepared according to the protocol for realization of the project. Focus points of training are distributed in working Packages (WP) 2.0 and 3.0. WP 2.0- Development of competences for management of projects in the teaching process - Training of teachers on strategic management in the educational process - Training of teachers on management of project teaching WP 3.0 - Application of innovation in social entrepreneurship creating job positions - Training of teachers on entrepreneurship in ecology and drafting student projects from the relevant field - Training of teachers on entrepreneurship and social responsibility of the companies and drafting student projects Focus points of implementation of the acquired knowledge is in the working package 4.0. WP 4.0 – Application of the acquired knowledge - Forming of training centre for support of entrepreneurship initiative of students aimed at students from marginalized and social-economic threatened - Organization of 4 seminars for teachers from the school for transfer of knowledge on concrete topic After the project realization the achievement of the following results in descriptive and quantified form are expected: - Realization of mobility where 4 trainings are envisaged for teachers in the area of strategic management, management of the teaching process, management of student projects in the field of social entrepreneurship, encouragement of innovation and creativity of students. - Higher competence of teachers for strategic management in educational institutions; - Higher competences and ability of the teachers for management of student projects; - Developed skills for encouragement of student initiative; - Higher level of creativity and initiative at teachers for management and implementation of student projects; - Higher competence of teachers for implementation of individual project works in function of the graduation; - Improvement of the quality of drafting project works of students; - Realization of 4 seminars in the field of management of student projects in the area of social entrepreneurship; - 50 teachers covered through the process of training in the frames of school from professional areas; - Established training centre for transfer of knowledge for students from socially threatened families; - 40 students from socially threatened families covered thus obtaining them transfer of knowledge for easier economic inclusion at the labor market. - Application of the project work up to 20% in the curricula by the trained teachers - Creating of school newspaper and video for school and project promotion. The level of self-maintenance will be monitored by the following aspects: - Achievement of the project is expected to permanently apply the entrepreneurship behaviour at trained teachers that will be manifested through realization of the educational process; - Including the project work as integral part of the curricula by the teachers, formally and de facto guarantees the maintenance of the contribution of the project. - The implementation of the dissemination activities is aimed at expanding of the impact of action towards other teachers that will be indirectly involved in the project;

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