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Start date: Mar 31, 2010, End date: Mar 31, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In Tuscany, Liguria, Corsica and Sardinia, the boating industry is very active, despite the differences between areas, both in terms of shipbuilding production, which in terms of socio-environmental, the project's overall objective delineation a path towards a joint approach involving the districts of four regions in the Mediterranean partners. For the sake of consistency with the Lisbon Strategy and an increase in the competitiveness of reference, it is crucial to the development of a system for innovation and competitiveness of the marine industry with an increasingly strong international character. The project in addition to strengthening the collaboration between research and the business world with the aim of creating conditions for increasing production flexibility and dynamism of business, aimed at creating new businesses, through the creation of a center / cluster of cross-border 'high-Mediterranean which takes account of innovative applications in the design and construction of vessels (reducing' time to market "infusion technique, standardization of components," yacht green ", recyclable and energy-efficient", etc..). A further aspect is represented by the activities of "technology forecasting" and territorial governance in order to assess and predict the real needs and enhance the opportunities for the development of the marine industry. Finally, the project aims to obtain an accurate picture of the labor market in the nautical sector, in order to create the conditions for intervening in this market, working on improving training and management, mobility of labor and relations with the economic realities circumstances surrounding the application. Expected Results:  Interregional Laboratory for technology transfer and innovation Upper Mediterranean, with local networking of existing nodes and signing of agreements and protocols between systems and business research Operational structure of the inter-laboratory in the Region of Sardinia Tools, virtual spaces and formal occasions designed to promote the meeting supply / demand technology and services for companies in the area of ​​cooperation, in terms of promoting innovation and technology transfer Unique Portal support for the provision of all services implemented by the strategic project Availability of sharing the environment across the design space through supercomputer staff of small and medium-sized enterprises to the languages ​​and tools to access the shared environment design "Task Force" of experts able to provide services with high added value to companies of all space cooperation. Governance Project through the establishment of a working group Implementation of the District High-Mediterranean and continental island in its articulation Increased attractiveness of the settlement areas and strengthening of local systems considered as a whole Coding of "clusters" of sailing the high Mediterranean and networking of the results through the creation of a shared services platform Tools facilitation and improvement within the engineering process in the maintenance and disposal of key components Reduced costs and improved environmental performance in the adoption of new innovative processes in the design and "refit" and disposal of vessels "taking stock" - Data collection and recognition of previous experience, in terms of regional studies and analysis, literature reviews, projects and scientific and technical publications on the subject, they are validated at the international level Mapping interregional skills - according to logical functional - the main "stakeholders" in terms of applied research on the technology segments of the main utility for technological development in marine "Roadmap" and the definition of technological pathways activated within specific trajectories shared across regions Definition of specific indications of "policies" shared across regions; Set up the system of results obtained under the simple projects in the field of nautical, vocational training and employment services, and any follow-up actions Development and testing involved in the area of ​​homogeneous models of recognition / validation of skills in the nautical sector to facilitate the application of a European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET see) Development of agreements / memoranda of understanding and "policies" to encourage the mobility of skills, the adjustment between demand and supply of labor, the expansion of cross-border labor market / European consolidation and expansion of the relationship between education / training and the business Promotion of maritime jobs among young people, to strengthen the identity and potential of our territories and to facilitate and improve the match between demand and supply of labor Strengthening of a coordinated communications strategy and shared the top district-Mediterranean to impose more efficiently and strength of our territories on the global economic scenario Definition of effective tools and shared water marketing for small and medium enterprises to facilitate and improve their market position and their ability to tap into services and knowledge of international origin Activation of economic cooperation and development of regional partnerships aimed at promoting a "chain of marine border" through participation in international fairs, institutional visits Promotion of the boating industry of the high-Mediterranean designed to facilitate and promote the openness of the system of small and medium enterprises to the European and global networks
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  • 2007 - 2013 Italy - France Maritime (IT-FR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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