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Verslas ir Informacinės technologijos
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aims of the project: 1. To intensify professional competencies of the vocational training professionals, responsible for putting into practice teaching programmes of Small business managers, Marketing companies managers and Computer operators, seeking a more qualified training of these programs. 2. To give the students, who are studying the teaching programmes of Small business managers, Marketing companies managers and Computer operators new professional competencies for their better competitiveness on the labor Market. The quality of professional teaching is one of the most important questions in Lithuania and in European Union. Most jobless people aren’t qualified persons and are not ready for the labor market. The project is designed for business managers', marketing companies managers' and computer specialists' training improvement, entrepreneurship education. The survey of teachers and students indicate - vocational training of these professionals must be more linked closely with Information technology - it is necessary to obtain knowledge about business management computers systems, e-commerce, to give students opportunity to perform an international practice. The survey enterprises owners shows the importance to prepare professionals for starting their own business and creating new work places after graduating the schools. Therefore, the most of the surveyed approve Consortium struggle for better quality of these specialists training. This project will help to reach mentioned above. The project will implement the national consortium - Coordinator Klaipeda Service and Business School, the consortium partners Tauragės vocational training center and JSC "Friedricho pasazas". The project will be carried out in two mobility activities. During the first mobility activity, 15 vocational training professionals from consortium members will have 3 mobilities in vocational training organizations and business companies - Sweden Nowember 2015 (5 participants, 4 days), Italy December 2015 (5 participants, 4 days), Turkey February 2016 (5 participants, 4 days). During these mobilities, the participants will have a chance to watch the process of practical training in schools and enterprises, to take part in lessons, will learn how to use IT in business. During the second mobility activity 16 students from consortium members will have 2 mobilities, internships in - the United Kingdom Nowember 2015 (8 participants, 19 days) and Turkey March 2016 (8 participants, 19 days). During the period of traineeships, students will work in small business companies, they will perform special tasks. The results of the project: -professional competences of 15 employees from 3 organizations will be strengthened; -the improved staff abilities will improve the practical training to meet the needs of the labor market; -the cooperation between the vocational schools and labor market organizations during the project will strengthen their further cooperation providing the students with better practice opportunities in enterprises; -3 staff presentations will be prepared about country's business specialists vocational training and using IT in business; -experience overview with suggestions will be prepared paying attention to the experience of the visited schools, there will be offered how to organize the process of vocational training for Small business managers, Marketing companies managers and Computer operators; -training module (subject) will be prepared for these 3 vocational training programs, for using IT in business management; -the professional skills of 16 students will be improved, they will get new professional competences, their competition in the labor market will increase; -personal skills of 16 students will be improved. Through communication with people of other nations, students will gain experience in communication, independence, they will expand cultural horizon, and will learn foreign languages; -2 students presentations will be prepared paying attention to the different experience of the visited countries; -a booklet will be prepared. In the long term results of the project will improve the quality of vocational training, prepared qualified professionals will gain more competences, will be more competitive on the labor market. Improved quality of vocational training will attract more young people into vocational schools, the vocational schools will raise their prestige. During the project, an informing and selection of the participants, evaluation of gained skills, dissemination and other activities will also be organized. The project starts 01-06-2015, ends 01-06-2016, the project lasts for 12 months.

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