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¡Versalles-España: una oportunidad que no hay que perder!
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

THE APPLICANT ORGANIZATION: the vocational school Jacques Prévert is located in Versailles. It is dedicated to the tertiary formations: sales, business, management, administration, health care and human services. It hosts 515 students in an extended education Basin.PARTICIPANTS: the students of Spanish European section of the "baccalauréat professionnel gestion-administration". The group consists of two sub-groups (10 students go to Salamanca in 2015 and 12 students in Seville in 2016). Aged 17 to 21 years during their mobility, they are from professions and lower socio-professional categories. Their language level is uneven, culture and European citizenship are abstract. They all are considering further study.MOBILITY: they will take place in Salamanca in 2015 and Seville in 2016. These moments are the four-week courses conducted by their friend in France. They are therefore a key element of training for graduation. Mobilities are prepared for entry into European section, in seconds, thanks to additional, specific courses and to appropriate cultural activities. Salamanca, language preparation will take place in our establishment with these additional hours. By cons, in Seville we can build the infrastructure and skills of our matching partner. Thus, participants will attend a week of classes with their counterparts Seville bringing the total duration of the activity to five weeks.The organization of such mobility is based on a strong steering committee and organized. The tasks and activities are divided between each member.PARTNERS:The mayor of Versailles and Senator of Yvelines, Ms. Duchêne, are our traditional partners in the projects implemented for our difficult public. It is committed to support and enhance our European mobility in the measure of his political office at local, regional, national and European.The service provider in Salamanca: collaboration date of 2012. It will allow us to establish the necessary contacts to find the host companies responding to our specifications.Twining with the establishment Instituto Salesiano in Seville: to gain autonomy in the organization of our projects in a financial concern and especially to establish more solid and lasting transnational links, we set up a match with this school. It will serve as a base for our Spanish immersion facilitating local contacts and providing us with reliable host partners with whom they already have close contacts. Similarly, we welcome their students during school trips and mobility through logistics at Versailles. Regular trading on the TwinSpace enable participants to link upstream of mobility.Host partners: The follow-up skills matrix used in France led to facilitate the negotiation of the content of courses. The choice of partner is conditioned by the need for knowledge-being of our students. Trainees related exchanges have already created a special relationship with Salamanca businesses. However, despite these positive experiences, we hope to establish a more direct connection with our host partners and matching in Seville will help us get there.The center Resources and DAREIC of Versailles: they support us in our project with the information monitoring and the training they provide. Also very keen on our return, they asked us repeatedly to disseminate our experience with other institutions in meetings.Families: they are essential to the success of mobility. They are involved in the project from the entrance to their child European section by signing the charter of the section. They also participate in briefings and contribute to the funding of mobility.OBJECTIVES:- Obtaining Bachelor management administration,- Obtaining the mention European section,- Facilitate further education and / or employment.IMPACTS AND OUTCOMES:- The success of our students,- Expanding our training offer in a competitive environment,- Increase the visibility of our institution for the orientation of college students and for the recruitment of employers,- Development of our European partnerships- Participation in citizenship and European integration,- Dissemination of these experiences at the local, regional, national, European.The Ile de France: it contributes to the success of projects by providing financial contribution.
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