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Vers une plus grande exposition à la langue anglaise : progresser en expression et compréhension orales.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Every year since 2005, the pupils from the "CM2 classes" (aged 10-11) are given a test on the regional education level, to evaluate the five following language activities: oral comprehension, written comprehension,oral expression both continuous and interactive, and written expression. This test allows us to validate the A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR. The analysis of the last results tends to show that things could be improved in oral comprehension by a more regular use of authentic audio documents, but also by the organization of interdisciplinary projects. We have also noticed that during the English classes the pupils tend to show some selfrestraint or shyness when it comes to speak, or a lack of spontaneity, and difficulties to interact. Considering this as well as our own way of teaching, we thought it a good idea to set up a project to favour a larger exposition to the English language in our school. The final purpose being to improve our pupils' expression and comprehension of the English language. Six classes and 135 pupils will be concerned by this project which will be managed by the two teachers entitled to teach English, in consultation with the rest of the educational team which will be a permanent part of the project. To carry this through to a successful conclusion we think it necessary for us to progress in our knowledge of the English language but also to get trained in the fields of teaching skills, practice and didactics of a foreign language. Many activities will be set up to favour a larger exposition to the English language and to allow the pupils to progress in oral expression and comprehension: -we are planning to create an "English Corner" in the school hall (a place dedicated to the English language) -we have a project for an English choir with a concert with musicians at the end of the school year -we would like to develop the teaching of English literature -the use of digital boards would favour an everyday exposition to the English language -we would also like to set up board or recess games in order to have the pupils speak more easily with each other -we would like to have some oral expression done in workgroups during the "APC" (Complementary Educational Activities, twice a week for 30 minutes) - some theme days with a link with English could be organized - relating all this to citizenship education. The expected impact and results will be seen daily, as we will be watching if the pupils interact more but we'll also judge the success of all this on the results of the A1 level evaluation. At the end of the school year the realization of the choir project will also be a good way of knowing if it has worked. For the teachers a better mastery in teaching English, whether in didactics or in the educational field, as well as the creation of a stock of performing educational tools will be good indicators of the success of this project. As for the long term advantages, we would like to organize a partnership (pen pals/e-pals?) with a European school or even organize a trip abroad, every two or three years, so that the "cycle 3" (last part of primary school) pupils would be able to make use of what they had learnt. We also hope to give a more European dimension to our school and this might make some pupils want to apply for an English European or international class later in secondary school.

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