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Vermittlung von Auszubildenden in der Altenarbeit, Sammlung transnationaler Erfahrung in der Altenarbeit
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Due to the developing multicultural society and the fading of national borders, knowledge transfer on the subject of support for the eldery is of importance to attendants-to-be in the European countries.The „Altenbetreuungsschule des Landes Oberösterreich“ is an educational institution in the country of Upper Austria for professions in the care for the elderly. In this project, this school is the sending organisation.In the context of their two-year-long education, 44 social attendants, main emphasis on work with the elderly, should get the possibility to make a traineeship for four weeks in a home for the elderly in another EU country in the period from June 2016 until June 2018. In this way, their technical, personal, cultural and language competences shall be promoted.The receiving organisations are:The care home for the elderly „Schlassbléck“ (Vianden) and „Maison de Soins OP Lamp“ (Wasserbillig) in Luxembourg, the „Residencia de Mayores“ (Úbeda) - an elderly people's home in Spain, two care homes for the elderly in Germany - the "Robert Breuning Stift" in Besigheim and the "Gradmann Haus" in Stuttgart and a facility in Southern Tyrol, the "Robert Prossliner Stifung" in Auer.Of specific importance is the expericence of the support possibilities, the offers and support models in these European countries and facilities as well as the knowledge transfer to Austria. The partners were selected because of their expertise in the work with the elderly.Due to the different developments in sending and receiving organisations, respectively, in the area of support of elderly people,this project will be of great benefit for all partners.An essential aim is to become acquainted with the partner facilities including modes of operation and practiced methods with regard to the accomplished developmentsthere. Comprehensive instructions, support and control of the project participants, are incumbent on the employees in the receiving organisation.In the frame of the practical education „subject : social support“ the theoretical teaching contents have to be put into professional practice. A legal recognition in Austria of these traineeships is guaranteed by the sending organisation. For every mobility stay a Learning agreement corresponding to the level of training is agreed.Besides the technical and practical competence increase we expect from the project participation an increase in "social learning", in personality development, in tolerance and acceptance of the variety of socio-cultural backgrounds of people.The participants acquire primarily additional qualifications in conversation techniques, care and support of people with dementia and apallic syndrome (persistant vegetative state), also in palliative care and, should the situation arise, in respectful interaction with dying persons.They will be able to recognize the relevance of biography investigation and kinaesthetics in the care and get an impression of optimal work with family members. They also may learn and experience the relevance of instructions from their mentors accompagning them consistently.The trainees shall be able to establish a natural contact to the elderly and colleagues after overcoming of language barriers.The language competences can be improved in the traget countries Spain, Italy and Luxembourg. All trainees receive a Europass for documentation of the foreign experiences.Since the Europass doubtlessly also acknowledges flexibility besides the documented acquired competences and skills, positive effects on the professional career of the participants can be expected.It is also essential to bring information and experiences to training colleagues and to officials in the sending country.Altogether, an innovative drive can be predicted for the applicant and the partner organisations by this project. This project will allow to establish a transnational technical and personal exchange in the sector of work with the elderly, to establish contacts and to form networks.
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