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Verinnerlichung gemeinsamer Werte zur Förderung des friedlichen Zusammenlebens verschiedener Kulturen
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main topic of this project is to internalize the values we share to promote the peaceful coexistence of these different cultures. The project will take three years. Today, a conflict is taking place in Europe, the one between Ukraine and Russia, which makes this topic very important. It is necessary to make all European citizens aware of our common values and to internalize them. Moreover, the values are the base of our economic cooperation. As an example, we can think about the workers who move to a different country and can have a tolerant reception. Each European citizen should be able to trust in his/her European neighbours and the values accepted by the European Union. So, mobility will be easier and economic efficiency will increase. The people who participate in this project come from Augustin-Wibbelt-Gymnasium (AWG) in Warendorf and from La Minilla High School in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The Augustin-Wibbelt-Gymnasium (AWG) as “Aufbaugymnasium” offers those students who need more time for their personal development and were not recommended to study at a “Gymnasium”, the opportunity to access these studies later which allows them to go to university. Many students are immigrants and come from economically underprivileged families. The students in La Minilla High School live on the Canary Islands, which are located hundreds of miles from the countries which belong to the European Union. This fact makes it difficult to develop the feeling of European citizenship. The students in La Minilla High School are from different nationalities and from different social backgrounds. Both high schools are centers were students with disabilities can study. Besides, the project has, in accordance with Education and Training 2020, the following aim: “Promoting the justice, the social cohesion and the active citizenship”. Also, this project will take into account the fifth objective Europe 2020 –“The fight against poverty and the social exclusion”. In order that the internalization of the values is not just a concept, different activities and exchanges will take place. In these exchanges 15 students aged between 15 and 17 and three teachers will participate. In this project we will carry out the following activities: • The design of a Logo for the project; The project “Daily Painting”; Presentations about cultural aspects and activities using songs; The creation of a melody. • First student exchange: making works of art such as sculptures and photos, and writing songs related to common values. • Summarizing the values which must be respected in sport. • Second student exchange: sport activities, exercises to give confidence and contributing own ideas about games. In subjects like Maths, Computer Science, Science and Technology, and in classes on politics, students will study current topics, as for example climate change or the dangers of phone tapping. Using the image and the language we will discuss how the common European values have to be defended. • Third student exchange: A short film will be made using topics studied and discussed previously. • Students will work with tales and stories (of a religious nature) and discuss which values they transmit, a “map of stories” will be made. • Fourth student exchange: A story set in our time will be written to be performed in a short play. All the activities (paintings, composing melodies, sports and games, plays, stories…) will be published on the web pages of both high schools, they will appear in some newspapers, on the radio, on youtube, Facebook and E-Twinning. All the activities and works will be compiled in a “Museumskoffer” (a bag-museum, a compilation of methodological and teaching materials which can be taken from one place to another) and will be put into an online archive . In order to guarantee the quality and development of the project different groups will be built: finances, e-Twinning, a team that manages the time, the preparation of topics, the exchanges, public relations, the evaluation, the “Museumskoffer” … In each group there will be a person who will take it in turns to deal with possible delays and difficulties which could appear. This project will have a great impact on the educational communities of both schools, on the people who live in the surrounding areas and among European citizens. It is expected that people will be able to recognize the similarities in their ways of thinking and feeling and in their attitude to others, the European values will be strengthened, and a good common future will be created.
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