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Verbesserung des Sprachunterrichts und Förderung des interkulturellen Bewusstseins
Start date: Jul 25, 2016, End date: Jul 24, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project background:The arrival of a comparatively big group of refugee students at our school over the last month has had a strong impact on the constitution of our student’s community. Therefore the need of an improvement of intercultural competences for every member of the school community has urgently grown. The majority of our students provides a rural background and shows a weakly developed willingness to learn or work abroad accompanied by a lacking motivation to learn English as a second language.Main goals:In order to meet these demands and to improve the quality of the degrees our students can receive at Oberschule Glöwen we want to professionalize the second-language-education and adapt our school’s profile to the new conditions. Starting with the teachers the intercultural consciousness at our school has to be improved and the successfull principle of a “school for all students” has to be be adjusted to the new situation. Therefore an exchange between our school and a European partner-school shell be initiated. The cooperation serves to promote the students' intercultural consciousness and provides authentic communicative situations in English. By establishing better and certificated language skills, an increased mobility and a strengthened European thinking, the job perspectives of our students will be improved.Planned activities/methods of the project’s realisation:One of our English teachers will take part in a ten-days further-training in England. She will spread her new skills among the other teachers using the snowball-method. Three cooperating project-groups, each of them focusing on a different issue (ESL/welcoming culture/new media) will conduct the pilot-project through the first half of the school year 2016/17 and evaluate the results according to the expressed goals. The activities that will be performed by these project-groups are: planning and performing further training modules for the other teachers and the application of eTwinning in ESL for the advanced eights-grade courses and for the regular after-school-activities. The main issues of the further-training and therefore of the project in general will be: the extended use of English as teaching language, the extended use of new methods and new media, especially the eTwinning-platform, and an increased use of within-class grouping regarding the special needs of students from other countries.Achieved results:For our school we achieve to establish a stable relationship with the European partner-school in addition to a modernized profile that satisfies the demands of a social and professional reality that is dramatically changing. For the teachers we expect the project to professionalize their methods to motivate students, to extensively use new media and to promote every student in the best possible way. For the students who take part in the pilot-project we want to achieve a measurable improvement of their attitude towards learning English as a second language. Furthermore we want to improve their willingness to undertake language trips and internships abroad. In the long term we achieve to improve our student’s job perspectives, develop their intercultural competences and establish a culture of interdependent learning for the whole community of students at our school.
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