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Verbesserung der fremdsprachlichen Methoden- und Medienkompetenzen sowie interkultureller Austausch mit Lehrkräften zur Verbesserung der Internationalisierung und Kooperation durch die Anbahnung und den Aufbau von Partnerschaften.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The European labour market is increasingly growing together. Thus it has become more and more important to prepare vocational full-time and part-time students for such changes and equip them with cultural, personal, methodological as well as functional skills and knowledge. Unfortunately the student exchange programme with a French VET college has been discontinued. Due to this we would like to incorporate the European way of life into our school life again. Besides many different other aspects, languages play a vital role. Therefore we offer English in nearly every course. Depending on the specialisation of each course we enhance general but also professional business-related English skills and knowledge. In order to give our students an understanding of the European way of life – be it on a private or professional level – our school organised an advanced training course for two teachers in Dublin (Ireland) as a first step. Both participants teach General as well as Business English at our school. This training course was chosen because it was expected to improve their language skills as well as their methodological competencies, especially regarding the latest developments in digital media. Furthermore they also exchanged ideas related to learning English with other European colleagues. To conclude both teachers could improve their own English teaching skills on a broad level. In order to communicate the experience made by the two participants, an internal training course among all English teachers at our school was offered. Different approaches and techniques were presented and explained and the other teachers had the opportunity to try them – at least partly. Moreover all handouts and materials were provided to the other teachers so that they can try and test them in their own English lessons. As mentioned before, learning languages is only one aspect among many others in order to prepare our students for the European labour market in an appropriate way. Therefore, our school has already started a new project. Together with a Danish VET college, we prepare students’ visits abroad, i.e. in Denmark. Although we could not really make new contacts during this project, we received various impulses over Erasmus+ and could also get in contact with other VET colleges on other levels.
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