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Verbesserung der Fähigkeiten zur pädagogischen Umsetzung von Internationalität und multikulturellem Austausch in englischer Sprache an unserer Grundschule
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

„Grundschule Gau-Odernheim“ is an elementary school for which cooperation, active integration and the exchange with others and different is a very high objective. The provision of open mindness and the basic values tolerance and acceptance belongs to it. A basic precondition for an unprejudiced relation with other languages, cultures, way of life is to lose the fear of the unknown. These fears will not be created or can be reduced, as soon as something gets familiar or someone gets to know something a little better. This can be achieved by looking at the unknown, living actively with the unknown or trying to practice it. This may impose positive experiences, as well. It’s these feelings, this sensitivity we’d like to develop in our school - especially in the minds of children. At first only Ms. Janzen, one of our teachers, will be participating in this training course. We are aware that this is only a small drop. But the objective is that the vibrations of this drop in the water will create widening circles. This means, that we expect to increase a self reinforcing motivation, to apply new teaching and learning methods in English, which transmits both to other colleagues and to the students. By means of an increased offer of integrated foreign language courses, by other projects and conversations about ordinary issues in the lessons we’re aiming for a raised linguistic support, a more fluent conversion in the lessons and last but not least for a higher motivation of the students. Additionally, projects that go beyond the regular lessons, as for example English plays, support our long-term aim to diminish linguistic barriers and promote the international exchange between students and more over other countries / cultures. The implementation of penpals requires a fostered linguistic competence and also the courage to open oneself to another child in a foreign language. By our distinctive feedback and best practice culture, mutual internship within our faculty on the one hand and our childrens parliament an other established platforms like school arena or school radio we see good opportunities that the objectives of our project can be met across all classes and all over the school.

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