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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Mathiatis Elementary School is a small school consisting of a headmistress, 5 teachers and 40 students aged 6-12. We desire to train our teachers in various subjects and levels, to modernize and internationalize our school, so it has better results regarding the management of the school as well as the efficacy of teaching methods. The objectives of our project are improving the management of the school in order to solve problems at the beginning of the school year, including how to manage bullying, and training the teachers on how to apply various forms and modes of arts in their teaching, so they integrate more appealing and effective teaching methods. The individuals who will be chosen to participate in the project, are the headmistress and teachers of the school, experienced in cooperating with other European Union Schools, participating in the Comenius project, etc. In cooperation with other schools, the school aims to exchange good practices and activities, as well as exchanging opinions and ideas, referring to issues that concern other European Union Schools. Regarding Action 1, the goal is to mobilize the school management, in order to receive some good practices, concerning school administration and other, more general, issues that our school might be dealing with. The participant's skills, knowledge and competence are expected to be improved and advanced, some good school management practices shall be received, such as improving the management at the beginning and ending of the school year, introducing innovations, addressing and resolving bullying issues, etc. The participant is the headmistress of the school, who has 29 years of service and 4 consequent years of experience as headmistress in this school unit, directly and actively involved in teaching. Regarding Action 2, the goal is to train the teachers in introducing and applying different kinds of art in their teaching, that will help the children gain more communicative and speaking competence and therefore socialize more easily. The participant is expected to gain knowledge and skills needed for approaching, guiding and teaching children through various modes of art, in a way that children acquire expressing themselves and thus improving their socializing skills. The participant should be a teacher who acknowledges very well the students' needs and has enough experience in this school unit. This teacher will be chosen via democratic procedures, considering criteria that will be announced to all the teachers. The school will make sure that the participants will be fully informed about the trip, the accommodation and all details relevant to the Action that they will participate in, at a meeting before the Actions begin. Agreements will be signed between the partners involved before the participants' departure, concerning the context or the training and educational program they will receive. There will be constant communication with our project partners in order to solve any problems that might occur before the Actions. The participants will sign a contract with the school and will discuss about the knowledge and skills that are necessary for the Action, before it begins. The school will be in contact with the project partners through Skype, e-mail and telephone. Our school and the project partners will be responsible for monitoring the Action and the participants. The school will be communicating with the participants to receive feedback and the project partners will be monitoring the work programme that will be offered as well as the progress and consistent presence of the participants in the Activities. After Action 1, the expected impact on the participant will be immediate, since she will gain knowledge and experience, management skills and competence, so that the school unit will be modernized and advanced. Since the school will be modernized, the teachers will receive the appropriate treatment from the administration, thus the school unit will reach higher European standards. In Action 2, the expected impact will also be direct, since the knowledge to be obtained will improve the relationships, the approaching methods and the cooperation between teachers and students, which consequently will lead to students being more communicative and acquiring skills for expressing themselves more adequately. The knowledge that will be obtained, will be shared through a meeting to the rest of the teachers and other school administrations, to be furtherly spread. Also, the Actions and their results will be shared in articles in the local newspaper and will be announced in community and school events, while they will be widely spread through the eTwinning. The assessment of the results and whether or not the objectives have been reached will occur in the end, through discussion and through a questionnaire, where all the teachers will tell their opinion of how useful and applicable the results had been.
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