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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background / history of project: The development of the Greek insurance market requires the development of the Greek economy and, in a second phase, the insurance market can act as a multiplier of economic growth. In the new economic and social environment to be created in the country, the focus will shift from "public" to "private". In the area of risk management, individuals and businesses should treat the harmful potential with its own resources rather than rely on the state, to the extent that it did in the past. This is a trend that is beginning to prevail throughout the developed West. The new balance in risk management does not involve replacing the role of the state insurance markets. What happens is the creation of supplementary private insurance schemes, which operate alongside the public systems. The transition of the insurance market from the present state of underdevelopment in development requires the gradual creation of certain infrastructure, institutions and functions and the drastic improvement of operations of the same insurance market and retraining of personnel. Objectives of the project: The objective of this project is education / training of members / employees of our Association, in order to improve their expertise on topics of financial management in the field of insurance mediation in order to enable them to meet themselves and their businesses to new needs created. With the knowledge you gain will be able then to serve as mentors for other employees of the site. Number and profile of participants: Potential beneficiaries for the mobility are 20 people and all of them are employees of the Insurance Mediation sector who are members of our association. Description of activities: Participants will follow a comprehensive training program that is tailored to the educational needs and will include seminars, company visits and cultural visits. The activities will take place in Cyprus, mostly in Nicosia and in the facilities of INTERCOLLEGE College. Methodology used for the project: The completion of this project will contribute to improve the knowledge of participants on topics of financial management, and training methods will be followed for adult education with particular emphasis on the connection of theoretical knowledge with the existing insurance mediation market, in order to provide the best possible results. Brief description of the expected results and impact: The expected results are the education / training of employees to improve their expertise on topics of financial management, to expand their professional skills and to facilitate their personal development and their participation in both the domestic and European labor market. Possible long-term benefits: After completion of the project participants will have gained multiple benefits relating to the improvement of their skills in financial management. But mainly this action will have a multiplier effect and benefits for the participants, as it will create the framework for networking and future cooperation, and for stakeholders who will start a new cooperation in European programs. This gives added value to action because it creates an environment where apart from skills development and acquisition of new knowledge for the beneficiaries, while promoting a European environment partnerships. The host organization is INTERCOLLEGE (EDEX Ltd) college and is based in Cyprus (Nicosia). The choice of country was based on the fact that the Organisation Host who is engaged in the research, transfer of innovation and the development of European and international programs provide high quality training in this theme. The proposal has taken into account all the conditions set by the European Charter for Mobility.

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