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Βελτίωση δεξιοτήτων για την υποστήριξη καινοτόμων δράσεων στην εκπαιδευτική πράξη
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In our School, the 15th Junior High School of Peristeri, we have been deeply concerned in the last few years, about bridging the gap between the modern and the traditional teaching methods, as well as developing new ways of teaching that could activate and reinforce our students in a positive way, taking into account their special needs. It is our belief that a systematic and organized further education of our teachers is of great importance and, specifically, training in new teaching approaches, particularly in those that involve the use of new technologies, classroom management strategies and ways of customized teaching, in addition to creating an attractive learning environment and activation of pupils. Moreover, we find it necessary to have personal experience of educational practices in other countries of the European Union. Besides, we believe that getting in contact with our European colleagues we lead to a fruitful exchange of views with positive results. It is this concern of ours that led us to apply for the project «School Education Staff Mobility of Erasmus +» european programme. Our project is entitled «Improving the skills needed to support innovative actions in educational procedure» and it includes the attendance of the following seminars: -Seminar to support class with ICT tools, focusing on Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle, and its introduction to in-class and out of class teaching, with the appropriate scenarios and digital learning materials. -Course on growing empowerment skills and mentoring students, which will enable our teachers to trace the special needs of their students and to use individualized instruction. -Course on development of new technics of teaching – learning and classroom management where participants will be informed about new teaching approaches through field observation and participation in experiential activities in local schools. -A Game Based Learning Seminar which aims at enhancing learners`motivation through educational game. Seven experienced and qualified professionals will be involved in the above mobility project. They are interested in working out these issues, learning about the way their European colleagues handle them, comparing the educational approaches and sharing their experience. They also wish to implement relevant actions in our school and share the results with the educational community. By the diffusion in our school of the experience gained in these Seminars, we intend to: -Introduce Moodle in teaching practice, -Design and carry out experiential activities, -Use the educational game as a learning tool, -Support personalised learning by producing material for highlighting the particular talents of our students, -Introduce classroom management strategies and activation activities and positive reinforcement of students, -Compare all data for feedback and improvement. All these actions will be evaluated by quantitative assessment based on statistics and qualitative assessment using questionnaires. Among our goals is to disseminate the experience gained beyond the limits of our school. This can be accomplished by teaching in other schools, workshops, enrichment of our website with relevant material and creation / distribution of a relevant leaflet. In conclusion, we trully belιeve that the impact of our project will be of great value because we expect that: -Teachers will enhance knowledge and develop social, technical and teaching skills. -Students will be trained in a more engaging learning environment which will provide them with knowledge and ctitical thinking, creativity and co-operative mood. -Upgrading of our school will positively affect employees, pupils and local community. In the long term, a new school culture will be established which will promote innovation. - The impact of our project on the local and wider Greek and European Educational Community is expected to be positive through the diffusion of ideas for education that sets the foundation for a better future and promote the vision of a modern school with National and European orientation.
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