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Veiksmīgs, radošs un motivēts skolotājs - skolēnu mācīšanās motivācijas veicinātājs
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project: to develop teachers’ skills to organize pedagogical process for students ' learning process activation and personal responsibility for training achievements. At a time when society needs changes of the education paradigm, when we need ideas and new forms of learning, many teachers feel the lack of motivation for using innovative methods of teaching, which is sometimes reflected in the students ' desire to learn. To motivate students to be responsible for their learning achievements teacher must be a successful, creative and motivated. It is therefore necessary to raise the teachers ' motivation and satisfaction in their daily work, to raise the competence of teachers to promote student learning, active and innovative organization of the training process. Needs of school development plan, the European development plan and every teaching commission for more effective learning organization was taken into account when designing the project application. Each teaching commission guided their meetings raised the participation of teachers for training mobility. Directly involved in the project - 8 educators- director, deputy director, 6 teachers from each school teaching commission who will provide direct transfer of experience to other teaching staff (40 in total in school), as well as the effective dissemination of the results to other school teachers. 8 mobility will gain experience of other countries involved in the project, then it will be test practice in teaching of Latvia, will lead the open hours and develop teaching materials on for students ' learning process activation and personal responsibility for training achievements. Planned mobility: School management - 5 day courses in Finland. This country's education system is known as one of the best. Focus is to compare school managements in Europe, to learn more about the Finnish education system, discuss the issues: - Why and who is Director of the school; -Is staff your best friend, equipment or else?; -How to handle teachers to achieve the best results for pupils? -5 day course in Portugal - "Teach, Learn, Quality". Quality system development and implementation methodology, human factor, human resources and ways to motivate the school team to get involved in quality development. -5 day course in Spain teachers’ personal motivation and well-being promotion techniques, increasing of teacher and school activity. -7 day courses in Italy, preschool teachers teaching methodology in the context of the development of creative and high-quality education in early years. -6 day courses in Malta, English language teaching methodology in primary schools. During this course teachers will discover methods and techniques that will transform Primary classroom into a dynamic and exciting learning environment. -7 day course in Croatia-active learning methods to improve motivation in learning, positive-active microclimate class, group collaboration, safe atmosphere, the balance between the intellectual and the emotional content in the teaching of mathematics. The course will develop a plan to raise the motivation and the quality of the overall wellness in the schools. -6 day courses in France-creativity, innovation, active participation in public and intercultural dialogue. Innovative teaching methods to encourage secondary school students upgrade the quality of education and intercultural dialogue. -5 day course in Finland-inclusive education, techniques for early diagnosis, school visits, meetings with special education teachers, and support staff. Experience how to support students in small schools. After each mobility teaching commissions meetings will be organized in which participants will share their ideas. Every teacher of our school will have the opportunity to observe the open hours. Teaching material "the students ' learning process activation and personal responsibility for training achievements" will be developed, with the approval of the methodology and created a separate lesson plans and suggestions. All schools team, teachers from Rugayi, Baltinava, Balvi , District council members, School council members, parents of pupils will be introduced in the knowledge obtained during the project. Longer term benefits: Personnel involved in the project, the teachers of Rugaji County Secondary school and other schools will increase competencies about methods for students' learning process activation and personal responsibility for training achievements. Students become more active, motivated, feel a personal responsibility for their academic achievements. Local society got more creative, motivated and modern teachers and more responsible students.

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