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Várkerti Szakiskola tanulói részére szakmai gyakorlat Franciaországban 2015 - 2017
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The vocational unit of the Várkerti Primary and Vocational School is applying for a three-week-long professional practice in France for 15 students of a social worker field of study. The receiving institution is a French vocational school, the MFR DE L’OUDON. In its partner institutions, there would be a possibility for keeping our students occupied. They are The Home of Aged Persons, the Employer of the Mentally Challenged, the Catholic School and Nursery School and the State Nursery School and Infants’ Nursery. Our students taking part in this professional and practical training, have already had some experiences about the work, and they are able to tend different works in this field. The aims of our competition are to develop the professional competences as wide as it is possible and to adopt the experiences and good practices in our country. The Hungarian society that is getting older, will need the social workers to tend the elder ones more and more. As nearly the 25 percent of our students are socially disadvantaged, they could not afford themselves to participate in such a professional training. Due to their family background, our students do not know about the foreign examples and possibilities, that is why our school wants to give them compensation by this competition. For the students, the aims of the project are: - Discovering a different culture, the formation of tolerancy and accepting another people. - To reinforce self-confidence with the help of experiencing their inner personal and professional abilities. - To develop and practice self-reliance. - Attaining new professional abilities. - How to take care of persons in a different cultural and economic environment. - Applying the non-verbal abilities during supplying people: using gestures and the reinforcing of turning towards other ones. - Getting aquaintance with the French system of social provision. - Applying the new and good practices in Hungary. The expectable results of the project are: - A usable knowledge of a language. - The students’ intellectual horizon will be wider, they will get more professional experiences and they will be given reinforcement, as regards good methods. - Getting an Europass kind of certificate. - The students’ personality will develop in positive ways. - Due to the meeting a different culture, the students will be more tolerant and will be able to accept difference. - Far away from their home, the students will become more self-sufficient. - As they are dependent on each other, they will be responsible for each other and will pay more attention to each other. - The professional teachers who participate in the project will also gain experiences and they can use them during their further work in Hungary. The process of carrying out: - Preparing the students previously for: a, French language b, a psychological training about how to treat the psychological burdens of being in an alien environment. c, making the students acquainted with France. - The students and their teachers’ going to France and taking part in mobility – the realization of professional practice. 1st week: The students will visit all the practical places, institutions. 2nd week: The students will carry out their professional practice in individual places. 3rd week: The students will carry out their professional practice in individual places. - The students and their teachers will go home. - Evaluation and dissemination.

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