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Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

The project is runned by Engim Piemonte as sending organisation and CIFAP as hosting organisation. The language of the service will be portuguese but, if the volunteer doesn't have a previous laguage knowledge, motivation and willingness to learn it will be very positively evaluated.The four volunteers will be hosted for 12 months in Bissau, the capital city, and Bula, a smallest rural city. Volunteers will start their service in January 2013.Our project aims at giving the volunteers a chance to grow their intercultural understanding, solidariety and personal skills and to help the guinean community in their path to development and respect of education and children rights. Volunteers will be active in the educational field, dealing with activities to sustain disadvantaged children’s education and contrast adolescent drop-out tendency and contributing to improve living conditions of young people who live in difficulties. The experience gained will improve volunteers’ skills and knowledges, useful also in their original communities and home-country: we aim at offering a real training chance for personal growth as international cooperation operators and orienting them towards professional choices.The EVS volunteers will be hosted in local CIFAP centres engaged in various activities such as:- support to local educational activities (primary school, youth centres and tranining centres)- help in the organisation of courses for former students and support to small cooperatives - Catering and Tourism: start of new courses and a european project on the islands with Ecotourism courses for locals, waste collection and empowement of local culture.-Bafata: Project within the local prison where Engim has a role in co-coordination and training.-Rural Development, since Cifap is strong in agriculture, there is the idea of strengthening the Caju production and of other local products- Work in network with Cifap supporting ongoing projects

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