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Valuing Older Trainers As Lifelong Learners

VOTE ALL addresses the dual problem of an ageing cohort of VET teachers and trainers and their lack of motivation to stay on in the profession where they are sorely needed but often under-valued. The problem of early retirement of older VET teachers and trainers is well documented and must be addressed urgently; we propose to prevent this drain of experience, by valorising the knowledge held by this group as lifelong learners, and motivating them to stay as valued members of their Communities of Practice, using a bottom-up approach to ensure results meet needs of target group. The project will transfer Professional standards for teachers, trainers and tutors in the Lifelong Learning (LLL) sector, developed by LLUK (Lifelong Learning UK) and other competence based standards, adapting them to the needs of this target group and their employers in the public and private sectors in partner countries. The project aims to promote LLL as a strategy which brings rewards to all concerned, by valorising the knowledge and know-how gained and the qualities developed during a lifetime of learning on the job, mapped against emerging LLL professional profiles, using the groundwork done by Cedefop in this area, transversal skills needed by VET teachers and trainers, identified in the Formador project, Catalunya, in the ALL TALL project and other studies. Objectives• To make VET teacher and trainer professions more attractive to older teachers and trainers• To broaden knowledge on skills and competences for VET teachers, trainers and other learning facilitators essential in a lifelong learning context • To identify the learning needs of older VET teachers and trainers, enabling them to take on new roles within their organisations • To transfer the new professional standards for teachers, trainers and tutors in the LLL sector developed in the UK and other competence based standards to all partner countries • To raise awareness among VET managers on the issue of retaining older VET teachers and trainers, of solutions and good practice in the area• To promote and valorise lifelong learning in VET institutions in all partner countries• To facilitate mutual learning and peer learning within the context of the Education and Training 2010 programme.

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