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Values in Action - Methods Exchange
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

VIAME aims to promote innovative teaching methods which successfully activate youth and develop their key competences. Without properly engaging the youth entering the job market, they are often unqualified to meet the demands of their employers. VIAME also aims to promote social entrepreneurship among young people, by allowing them to implement their own projects among others in social enterprises, with a view to meeting challenges and solving problems in their communities. These unique projects will be a direct effect of transnational meetings on which youth will define their values, search for common ones and prepare the projects to be conducted back in their countries. These projects will show how values are implemented in action with the aim to solve problems in their communities. Through working on self-development and expanding their skill sets, youth leaders have a higher chance of finding and maintaining a job. Completing this project transnationally as well as engaging low-opportunity youth, allows participants to experience a diverse set of experiences and approaches. Various highly successful methods of self-development have not been highly publicized and are therefore unknown to many trainers working with youth. Therefore, the main objectives of this project are: 1. Promoting methods used in improving personal development as a tool in helping youth gain competences needed both in the job market as well as in their everyday interactions with their community. a. developing interpersonal skills, communication skills, self-confidence, team building skills; b. encouraging transnational bonds between youth leaders. 2. Increasing the quality of working with youth through: a. dissemination of innovative teaching methods currently employed in various countries; b. strengthening and promoting collaboration both within and between countries taking part in the program; c. facilitating the growth of trainers as well as youth leaders taking part in the project. 3. Promoting social entrepreneurship among young people by allowing them to prepare and conduct their own projects focused on implementing values in action in their communities.4. Promoting the database created within this project which will bring together various methods of innovative and activating teaching. The project is based on 4 key international training meetings (each 6 days), during which a hosting country presents and teaches its innovative methodology: Poland: British Drama - method of self-development that engages on 3 levels: physical, emotional and intellectual aims to develop a wide range of skills. Later Poland will present HAE which aims to deepen individual development, self–awareness and emotional and social skills, as well as to help people achieve the change they desire with the presence of the horses. Slovenia: PLYA program - In order to better adapt to demands of the disadvantaged youth Slovenia works with the program rooted in Transactional Analysis principles which has been proven to be highly effective. Hungary: The Seven-Step Configuration Analysis is an interpretation system developed for the understanding of the psychology of pictorial and visual expressions and different forms of art. Portugal: CCSA - enables youth to develop projects in site-specific, participative, community and educative, making connections, integrating and accompanying them throughout the process of work with the local public.As results of the projects we will create: 1. a set of methods description, containing detailed picture of the method, along with pictures, links to movies, exercise samples and additional resources; the method descriptions will be published on the project website. Once all the method descriptions will be completed for each country a publication will be put together and released.2. training scenarios and materials of all 4 international trainings with audiovisual materials, as a result of common teamwork, that will be published on the website to be reused by others.During each transnational meeting a total of 16 persons from each country will participate (64 total). Furthermore, returning youth will conduct their “Values in action” projects to around 240-300 people, that will address most current social problems in their communities.Lastly, 200 persons will take part in the 4 conferences (1 per country for 50 people). To disseminate project results 6400 online page displays is expected of the created methods database. 200 institutions which will be sent an email inviting them to visit the methods exchange database (50 from each country). Main intended impact on participants: - increasing knowledge and social competences in the field of innovative learning methods, - strengthen social entrepreneurship, self-confidence, sense of initiative and responsibility, - better understanding of other cultures, ways of working with youth- increasing and improvement of language skills.
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