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Values and students entrepreneurs
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We’re in the midst of an entrepreneurial revolution and we have to educate our students in values that are essential tenets of entrepreneurship. A key question is whether the concept of entrepreneurship fits into the school curriculum but as entrepreneurs are not born, they are made, we have to start at schools the sooner the better.The earlier children are taught to have an open mind about new opportunities, the more it will encourage them to grow personally, academically and professionally. -The main objective of our project is to develop social values in our students to foster entrepreneurship and to enhance creativity and innovation at all levels of teaching. -During the first year we will develop activities that bring us closer to the business world: we will build up basic skills that entrepreneurs should learn such as oral skills that help them develop their self-esteem, creativity, positive attitude, leadership, teamworking, cooperation, etc. With these tools our students will be introduced in the entreprenurial world by creating products, labelling items, designing logos and slogans, organising events, talent-shows, exhibitions, contests, crafts, second hand market, etc., establishing themselves the bases and awards. They will start being aware of the financial concept learning and using critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills highly improving the Mathematical competence. Children will be motivated while learning along the process as they will learn by doing. -During the second year of the project " the company is born", we will set up a "Cooperative". At this stage, the children will be more familiar and the process will be faster as they will easily apply the techniques they learned in the first year. They will be a team of entrepreuners and they will agree on their business ideas, procedures and paperwork. They will plan and distribute the work: the launch, design of the logo, dissemination, accounting, etc. Starting a business involves risks and failures, so educating them to have determination will help them deal with the challenges along the way. This is the reason why our partnership from eight different European countries want to cooperate in order to foster a better understanding of what entrepreneurship means, what skills are necessary to become a successful European entrepreneur and what competencies need to be developed. To be successful as an entrepreneur, they need to be able to communicate well and get along with people so they will improve the Linguistic competence. There isn’t an area of life where these skills won’t have a positive impact. Students will have the opportunity to communicate and make friends with children from other countries and they will learn to respect the different cultures from the countries involved in the project. They will also have the opportunity to create their products to sell them in the European market that we will create for this subject. -We aim to get the students to use their fantasy and creativity, developing and creating products or solutions that can be implemented in real life, always being friendly with the environment. They will improve The Mathematical competence as they will be investors, producers, buyers and sellers of the products created. The students will be engaged in activities that challenge them to make decisions about situations they face in real life. In this way, children are taught to evaluate right from wrong as well as the consequences of their actions. We will design real learning of situations where each value will be developed in each one of them. We will use interesting resources for children as the core of a cross curricular work . The use of the ICT will be very present along the two years of the project and it will be an indespensable mean of communication. Students who don't visit the partners countries will trip virtually to their cities and they will create their own adventure. Foster perseverance, honesty, responsibility, respect, effort and caring by showing children how they can make good choices and how their choices will affect themselves and others. Communicative competence in foreign languages is an indispensable tool for social relationships and developing a compassionate and responsible citizenship. In addition, knowledge of one or more languages and the development of an effective communicative ability in them mean a smooth integration within the multicultural society of which we form part. As the result of this innovative project we will present a Manual and eBook "Implementing Entrepreneurship in schools".
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