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Value the Diffrence
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Value the Difference is a multi-activity project designed to promote integration of visually impaired young people through sport and outdoor activities. To achieve its objectives we planned two separate events taking place in Romania and Poland. First activity is an 7 days long training course, which is a gathering of 24 youth workers from 5 countries (Romania, Poland, Italy, Greece and Belgium) taking place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania from 10th to 18th October 2015. Event targets youth workers willing to explore and extract all the possible positive aspects of work with visually impaired youth, using non-formal methods of education for developing consistent inclusion and acceptance among our beneficiaries. Second activity is a 7 days long youth exchange for 40 participants (35 young people aged 18-30 and 10 leaders, that also act as accompanying persons for the visually impaired/blind participants), that will take place in Poronin, Poland. During this activity we invite the youth workers that took part in TC in Romania to put in practice new skills and evaluate methods learned. The themes of the project are: Intercultural dialogue and acceptance, education and youth work through sport and outdoor activities, physical and mental health of youngsters, anti-discrimination, inclusion of marginalized youth through sport/outdoor activities, in youth work, Erasmus+ programme and European level projects in the youth field. Objectives: - Working with young people with fewer opportunities; - Equipping youth workers with non-formal education tools adapted for visually impaired youth; - Promotion of the social integration, but also health and well-being. - Promoting and exploring the concepts “sports for all” and “healthy lifestyle” in relation with youth work - Sharing methods for better understanding and encouraging usage of sport and outdoor activities in youth work with young people with disabilities (visual impairment and blindness in particular) and intercultural dialogue aspects. The project is based on the approach and principles of non-formal education. A combination of different creative and interactive methods will be used and designed upon the profile of participants with accent on using more methods of sport and outdoor activities. All activities will be attended by a mixed group of participants, with and without visual impairment. All partners will be involved in preparation, implementation and evaluation and follow-up phase and activities during the training course. The impact of the project has various dimensions: - The training course) will determine participants to: acquire knowledge about inclusive and adaptive sports and games, and how to use them for social inclusion; acquire skills and competences to work with visually impaired young people; direct involve in activities, experimenting an improving non-formal learning methods; learn about the various types of visual impairments and how to support people with them; be encouraged to create new projects in their local communities involving disabled youth; - The youth exchange will make visually impaired participants to: be motivated to exercise outdoor and sport activities; become more active members of their social communities; acquire mobility abilities and transversal skills; be more confident in their capabilities; increase the level of opportunities available to them in the international dimension of non-formal education sector, especially under Erasmus+; experience interaction with the world of non-vi. - The youth exchange will make visually non-impaired participants to: better understand the needs and expectation of visually impaired peers; learn about the European Values and they will become more aware European Citizens; be inspired to lead their own actions in the local communities together with their disabled peers, and to show them that it is their responsibility to include the disabled youth in their environment. All 55 participants (10 attended both TC and YE), in both main activities will: be inspired to develop health lifestyles and maintain this within their life; gain a great sense of cultural competency and learn how to develop positive relationships with people from other countries in Europe; improve linguistic competences. For participating organizations the impact consists of: improved management skills; new methods of working with visual impaired people; actively develop projects that accommodate blind and visually impaired young people; team working while participating and/or organizing activities for the project, reinforcing better understanding of partners from different countries; capacity building obtained through the increase of knowledge and experience; creation of new networks, through building strong relationships; creation of a long-term partnership in between the involved countries with the aim of fostering further activities.
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