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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The introduction of the new Erasmus + Programme has not been an easy transition for NGO’s within the European Union. It is substantially more complicated and longer than the previous programmes and it requires a high level of background knowledge to be fully understood. Once the organizations manage to acquire all the necessary information about the new programmes the next challenges rise when they intend to implement it in their organizations. It requires a strong organizational capacity with competent project managers with advanced project management tools. Although there is a lot of material on different project management approaches, they are all designed for organizations that don’t require a 3rd party to finance their projects. This lack of Project Management Standards for NGO’s (or for donor financed projects) causes difficulties for organizations in their efforts to successfully implement the new Programmes. The aim of this project is to fundamentally strengthen NGO’s capacities to take potent/influential actions in the frameworks of the Erasmus + Programme. Objectives: -To enable organizations to easily understand the Erasmus + Programme, the Europe 2020 Strategy, the ET 2020 and other important EU Policies; -To strengthen the organizations ability to address successfully the objectives outlined by Erasmus + Programme, the Europe 2020 Strategy, the ET 2020 and other important EU Policies; -To enable organizations to satisfy the needs of all of their stakeholders; -To provide organizations with efficient Project Management methods and standards that focus on efficiently aligning the EU Policies with local needs. 6 organizations are participating in this Strategic Partnership each of which have extensive experience with working with previous EU programmes and with project management as well as they have all carried out successful disseminations in the past. They represent the following partner countries: Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Portugal, Romania and Italy. Activities and Methodology: -M1 – Strategic Meeting A 3 day-long meeting is organized to set the grounds for the successful partnership. -A1 - Research Throughout 7 months, each organization carefully and thoroughly carries out the researches about the best practices with the EU Programmes, the EU Policies, Project Management Standards and the Erasmus + Programme. -M2 - Seminar A 3day-long seminar is organized to allow the partners to present the results of their researches. Partners also discuss how the outputs should be developed. -A2 - Output Development Throughout 8 months, the partner organizations develop the project outputs: the new course materials, including the user-friendly video guides and compendiums about the EU Policies and the Erasmus + Programme. The new Project Management Standards that focus on NGO's needs are also developed. -C1 - Test Course A 10 day-long test course is organized in Norway with 30 participants to test the project outputs. -M3 - Revision The partners organize a 2-day-long meeting to evaluate the feedback gathered on the Test Course. -A3 - Material Adaptation Partners revise the materials based on the decisions reached on the M3 - Revision meeting. -C2 - ToT A Training for Trainers is organized in Norway with 30 participants to familiarize them with the new course materials and other materials and to enable them to pass on the acquired knowledge to others. The online courses are recorded. -E1 - National Trainings In each of the 6 participating countries a 3-day-long training course will be organized 3 times with the participation of 20 participants per training. This contributes to the spread of the new project outputs as well as provides the partner organizations with extensive feedback on the developed materials. -M4 - Evaluation The partner organizations have a 3-day-long meeting to evaluate the overall project results and project outcomes and to discuss the tasks of the next 5 years. Results, Impact and Long-Term Results Project Managers, teachers, NGO leaders working with EU projects will be strengthened within as well as outside the European Union. They are provided with user friendly and easily accessible courses, guides, compendiums and Project Management Standards to improve their capacities of working within the frameworks of EU Programmes. They are enriched with a strengthened and efficient networking system and their work is supported by improved methods and tools. Project Managers, teachers, NGO leaders acquire a better understanding of the EU Policies, their aim and objectives and they have the capacity to align these with the local needs. Through doing so, on the long run, they contribute to a strengthened European Union with dedicated and motivated European citizens.
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