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Valorisation of Diversity Skills (ValoDi)

ValoDi, Valorisation of Diversity Skills (LdV/ToI 2009-2011) is a sequel to TforD, Tools for Diversity project (LdV 2006-2008), both of which focus on diversity of people in organisations. Diversity is an increasingly important aspect in any Human Resource and training activities as well as in working with diverse clientele. ValoDi addresses additionally diversity in management and strategic planning. Diversity and equality of people refer to themes of gender, sexual orientation, health, disability, language, ethnic and cultural background, age and convictions, values and opinions. The emphasis is on the legal rights and the integration of all people in the community and workplace as resources. Diversity competence stands for skills that can be identified, assessed, learnt and further developed. The project aims at developing teachers', trainers', workplace instructors', HR professionals', and management professionals' competence to systematically draw these and other aspects of diversity into the workplace as resources that support innovation and organisational development. ValoDi’s novelty to the precedent TforD content is diversity management, which focuses on the need (raised in TforD) for more coordinated and goal- and outcome-oriented planning on more diversity-sensitive organisational environments. ValoDi addresses directly the skills’ and competence development required in the increasingly diverse and segregating circumstances of modern European societies. Diversity management is a key to sensitization on diversity as a resource, and hence, an effective means for dissolving threats of increasing segregation. The project is coordinated by Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK), Finland. The consortium consists of partners from TforD such as Finland, Spain, and Norway as well new partners from Italy, Poland, Latvia and Austria.
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