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Valorisation and rehabilitation of meso-Byzantine temples of eastern Crete

The project includes consolidation, restoration and enhancement efforts on the different mid-Byzantine churches, each of which is a subproject on its own. Expected Results: 1. Church of Sts. Apostles in Kato Episcopi, Sitia (Municipality of Sitia): • Consolidation works• Restoration of walls, foundations and domes, maintenance and restoration of coat layers.• Dismantling of modernist floor, inspection and restoration of floors• Maintenance, restoration of ceramo-plastic decoration• Dome coating 2.Church of Panagia Keras in Kristia, Merambellou (Municipality of St. Nikolaos): • Consolidation, clearing of wall decorations• Removing modernist coating, existing ceramic layers and floor coverings• Construct a new floor, according to the findings of a report• Construct a sanitation pit inside the church• Consolidation of all stone-wall structures and domes. Retiling the roof• Recoat walls3. Church of St. Nikolaos in Aghios Nikolaos, Lasithi (Municipality of Aghios Nikolaos):• Maintenance of wall decorations• Removing modernist coating inside the church and apply new coating • Assembling, small consolidation works on the external surfaces and domes Retiling the roof• Illumination inside and outside4. Church of St. Pantelemon in Bitzariano Pediadas (Municipality of Kastelli Pediadas): • Restoration of the church, maintenance of frescoes, surrounding area works5. Church of Panagia Koumbellina in Houmeriako, Merambellou (Municipality of Neapolis): • Removing concrete coating of domes• Consolidation of walls and domes• Consolidation of wall decorations Retiling
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