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Valmiina Maailmalle!
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The importance of competences obtained from the international mobility period is increasing in the current employment markets. The mobility periods have several positive effects: enhancement of students’ autonomous and entrepreneurial attitude, wider perspective for work, extended networks and improved language skills. International experiences enhance students’ self-confidence, improve their problem solving skills and help them to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and thus, they will be better prepared to work in multicultural environments. These skills ensure also better employability. This project makes a significant contribution for the vision of our VET institution which addresses the focus point of training competent professionals for the Helsinki metropolitan region, in Business Administration as well as in Information and Communication Technologies.We want to ensure the international experiences also for those students who need encouragement and support on their studies. The international mobility period can be a remarkable experience which opens new opportunities for the students. Apart from the BA students, we want to pay special attention for the students in ICT in order to improve both their study motivation and courage. The purpose is to enhance their employability and to encourage to continue further their studies. Students have both short and long on-the-job-learning periods and few of them have prolonged on-the-job-learning program which means the length of the mobility periods varies, but is at least 8 weeks long. Student exchange periods are 6 weeks long which is suitable for the German VET institutions using the dual system. The exact time will be negotiated with the intermediary organizations beforehand. The partner VET institutions offer support for the student if needed. An on-the-job-learning instructor keeps contact with the work place and with the student and a Finnish teacher undertakes a guidance and monitoring visit to the on-the-job-learning placement during the mobility. At the same time, the teacher can search for new on-the-job-learning placements. The new project will allow us to provide a more rigorous level of detail to our training before the mobility. Students will receive personal and group assistance for their mobility periods and they get detailed instructions to complete a Europass CV and final report among other things. Training course will also be developed to college's learning platform. Additionally students will participate in a shared, common training before the mobility period. The training program includes information about the destination country, its culture, objectivities for the period, insurances and other practical matters. At the same time, we ensure that students complete an OLS-language test both before and after the period. Teachers and students, who have been earlier on a mobility period are asked to share their experiences at a training session.With the assistance of our international partners, we wish to learn new practices and teaching models. The project-based model is common in the current working life and therefore our objective is to develop the project-based learning model at teaching. Staff of our VET institution can participate in one week long job shadowing period at a partner VET institution. Teachers have also a possibility to participate in two weeks of teacher exchange. In this case, they will teach lessons in English at the partner VET institution according to their own competences at the same time as a partner teacher is respectively substituting their lessons in Finland. During the exchange period, teachers will follow, participate and discuss about the development of teaching, guidance, working life co-operation and teaching administration. The purpose of the teacher exchanges is to gain new ideas for teaching and development of other activities with mutual comparative analysis. If possible, teachers can combine the job shadowing period to the on-the-job-learning monitoring visits if there are students at the same destination. Students will benefit indirectly from the teachers’ job shadowing periods and teacher exchanges because new teaching methods motivate and inspire students. In addition, teachers will gain a more positive attitude towards international affairs.The objective of our VET institution is to increase the international activities according to our strategy. This project increases the reciprocal co-operation and develops both the sending and the receiving VET institution. After the mobility periods, participants will write a report which will be used with the future international co-operation and dissemination both inside and outside of the organization. Teachers will share their development ideas also at the feedback and evaluation discussion. Student blogs and travel reports will be published at our public website to strengthen the visibility of our international activities and our image.
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