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Validation of formal, non formal and informal learning: The case study of Administration Personnel
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Research demonstrates that the sector of office administration is very important and popular and is will continue to be one of the first professions in demand until 2020. EUPA_NEXT deals with this sector. EUPA_NEXT is the continuation of a very successful project EUPA (Leonardo DOI) that has developed a qualification framework for administration personnel in four EQF levels (levels 2,3,4 and 5) as well as the assessment tool and training materials for level 2. EUPA_NEXT aims to assign credits to the qualification framework (levels 3-5) using ECVET and develop curricula and training materials for the trainer for the same levels as well as e-books for the learners. EUPA_NEXT will certify all curricula and training materials with ISO. Additionally EUPA_NEXT aims to develop an assessment for the certification of levels 2,3,4 and 5. The assessment will be ISO certified with a relatively new standard ISO170324 that certifies personal competences. More specifically, EUPA_NEXT objectives are to: 1.Facilitate the understanding of EQF & ECVET policies & explore different methodologies for the assignment of credits 2. Develop a comparative report on the situation of the countries on EQF and ECVET 3. Provide ISO certification for the materials and assessment developed under project EUPA (level 2 materials) and accredit with ISO the materials and the assessment for levels 3,4,5. EUPA_NEXT is a COMPLETE SOLUTION for administration personnel (in 4 levels) 4. Provide flexible pathways to learning and validation (classroom trainings, ebooks, ony assessment). 5. Develop a "how to" practical guide for the validation of formal, non formal & informal learning for any non regulated profession, 6. Make a policy recommendation for official recognition of EUPA_NEXT. The main target groups of EUPA_NEXT are: - VET institutes and VET trainers delivering training courses in office administration - Students in VET studying office administration -Vet policy makers -office administrators that are interested in validating their knowledge, skills and competences in different EUPA_NEXT levels -unemployed people that through EUPA_NEXT may enter the labour market EUPA_NEXT activities include: 1. Development of a comparative report on the situation of the countries of the consortium in EQF and ECVET 2. Identification of several methodologies for ECVET application, selection and implementation of one 3. Development, pilot testing, ISO certification and evaluation of training curricula, training materials and assessment tools as well as trainer's guides 4. Development of ebooks and promotion of flexible pathways to learning 5. Composition of a policy recommendation for official recognition of EUPA_NEXT as the European certification of administration personnel 6. Composition of a Best practices guide - a step by step approach for the validation of formal, non formal and informal learning 7. Several dissemination events targeting VET Institutes and trainers, Vet students in the area of office administration, policy makers, employers etc The following methodologies are used for the development of the project: 1. Desktop research and interviews with experts for the development of the comparative report on the situation of the countries of the consortium in EQF and ECVET 2. Desktop research for the identification of different ECVET methodologies 3. Brainstorming techniques for decision making as far as the selection of ECVET methodology is cocnerned 4. Expert input for the certification of materials and assessment 5. Desktop research and expert input for the development of curricula and training materials 6. Expert input for the development of assessments 7. Different evaluation methodologies (forms, workshops etc) 8. Piloting for testing products 9. Expert input for policy recommendation and best practices guide At the sector level the impact envisaged is the development of a European certification for administration personnel in several levels by applying the principles of EQF and ECVET and using an internationally recognized standard: the ISO standard for certification of competences. At the policy level EUPA_Next is an ECVET project that will explore different ECVET methodologies and will apply one. Partners will benefit from the exercise of ECVET and at the same time the countries participating in the consortium will also benefit from this exercise. In the long run EUPA_NEXT materials will be available on line and more VET providers and trainers may use the materials. A policy recommendation will be made for EUPA_next to become officially recognized as the European Certification for administrative personnel.
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