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Valga - Valka Railway Station Renovation (VVRS)
Start date: Jan 29, 2013, End date: Jul 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Riga-Pskov railway line was officially opened in 1889, had Riga as main station. Pskov and Valga operated as second-class stations. At the same year Valga railway junction was opened, which was seriously damaged in WWII. The new station building that Valga town has today was completed in 1949. Over the years the station building has been renovated little by little depending on available finances, but there is a great need for full renovation. During this project it is possible to renovate this part of building what is in active use (lounge, ticket office), but for the overall modernization of building there is need to renovate facade, roofing, electrical work, heating and water system. On the border of Estonia-Latvia there are 2 railway stations. One is in Valga (Estonia) and the second in Lugaži (Latvia), but today primarily inhabitants on both sides of the border use the Valga Railway Station, from where there are trains in both directions - to Tallinn on the Estonian and Rīga on the Latvian side. The project will help to renovate the station, upgrade it to today's standards and improve services for Estonians and Latvians, using the station. Achievements: Lugaži station is situated far away from the town centre (about 4 km). Lugaži station was built for temporary use and there was a plan to build later a bigger station, but that was never carried out. At present many Latvians are using railway junction located in Valga centre, where the train lines to Riga and Tallinn start. Due to this reason it is very important to reconstruct Valga railway junctions as joint railway and bus transportation centre of twin town on purpose to create decent conditions to all travellers. Estonian Railways Ltd. has renovated railway line between Valga and Tartu, and reconstruction work of modern railway platforms are completed as well. Therefore good conditions to start fast train connections on the lines Riga – Valmiera – Valga – Tallinn are created. Unfortunately the waiting conditions for passengers of Valga railway junctions are very modest. To support the potential active train-traffic through Valga, the station building needs to be renovated. More information please find at:
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