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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project name: School can be fun when they take me as I am.Respecting the outcomes of SWOT analysis when preparing the European Development Plan for 2015-2020, we have to admit a lack of competence in quality management and working with students at the margins.56% of the total student body are Romani people. 30% of the overall student population represents pupils from socio-economically weaker households. Majority of 15% students with special learning needs, learning difficulties and behavioral and emotional disorders are coming from them.Participation in Erasmus+ project is perceived as an opportunity to gain necessary knowledge and experience to improve our current state and achieve wanted results through these four areas:1. Quality management in education and training2. Stress-free schools and classrooms3. Inclusive education4. Implementing CLILThe start date of the project is 1st June 2016, the end date of the project is 31st May 2018.Number of project participants: 4All of them are M.A. degree holders, lower secondary teachers.1. Mgr. Ľudmila Barlová - headmaster, Maths & ICT teacherTraining course: Quality management in education and training. ISO 9001 & ISO 29990 2. Mgr. Tomáš Macko - teacher of R.E. & MathsTraining course: Stress-free schools and classrooms 3. Mgr. Zuzana Kolibárová - teacher of Slovak & English language Training course: Inclusive education: tackling with classroom diversity and early school leaving4. Mgr. Jana Jankurová - teacher of R.E & German languageTaining course: Designing CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning Upon completion of the training courses (taking place in Greece), the participats are expected to:1. distinquish the different quality management frameworks and tell their defferencies, identify the main processes of the organisation and develop a process map, design the organisation quality management processes, implement a quality management system, monitor and evaluate processes and improve quality management processes.2. recognise what work-related stress is, understand the effects of work related stress, assess stress-related risks, introduce measures to prevent work-related stress, solve work-stress related problems, take actions to manage work-related stress and promote well-being at workplace for students, teachers and staff.3. understand diversity and identify students with learning difficulties, determine students individual learning needs and appropriate methods of assessment, design curricula and lessons to support all students, draw individual education plans, master different teaching and learning techniques, esponding to differnet individual needs, collaborate with the education community and with parents to support all students, develop plans for preventing early school leaving.4. design and plan the instructions, so as to achive learning objectives in content and in English language, develop speaking and listening skills for students in English language and assess English language skills to students.We plan to accomplish these activities using the knowledge and skills gained on courses:revisit our school strategic plans, mission and goals, reassess teacher competence, introduce regular reviews of educational results and updating of performance plans to address changing demands, design curricula and lessons to support all students, draw individual education plans, start implementing experiental learning and lessons based on CLIL, 2 thematic days on particular topic, teambuilding and presentation of our participation in Erasmus+ project at Teach for Life conference in Poprad.

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