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Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Applied Entrepreneurship Trainer Education Project has 2 different types of local partners. One group is institutions that arrange both adult and entrepreneurship courses: Mevlana Development Agency (MEVKA), Eastern Marmara Development Agency (MARKA) and Turkish Labor Agency Karaman Directorate (İŞKUR). The other group is vocational and adult education institution for future entrepreneurs: Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University Concept of entrepreneur or entrepreneurship has great field on the world because in our country’s economics it has the great potential and influence on the labor market and on the small and midmarket companies. The entrepreneurs’ roles in the total labor market and the ration of the entrepreneurs in the economical section shows us the importance of them. It is the fact that the entrepreneurs’ support and contribution on the economic situation, the justice to income distribution, the creativity of labor force on the density of the companies founded on the gaps in the labor market. For this reason; It needs to be increased the entrepreneurs in the labor market. Especially, it is the most important thing the contributions on the entrepreneurs on the economics so as to increase the opportunities of the labors. The general aim of the project is to contribute on educational politics integrations with successful labor market and more competitiveness and entrepreneurship, and employment also growth in economy’s basic aims by the coordination of agency with local partners. The project aimed: 1; especially to create the basics of progress about the growing educated people on entrepreneurship, the ability to use the ICT, to have an understanding of innovative applications. 2-In the region, the applied entrepreneurship trainers have raised as having the standards of AB, these trainers raise the entrepreneurs nationally, so in the local dimension they also teach new entrepreneurs. Besides, the abilities and the skills have been increased in vocational education’ departments about entrepreneurship, in these instutions the people who have the soul of entrepreneurship have been raised. In the project applications, it was aimed to have 28 people from separate 4 instutions had the mobility. In the KMU, we choose trainers and educators, the other partners’ experts and the management staff. The project consists of participants who are graduated from a university, has the knowledge of English, 20 of them have MA degree or MA student, or all of them the people work on entrepreneurship. To manage the project activities, Project Cycle Management methodology will be applied. Firstly, While going to Portugal, it is planned that entrepreneurship trainers will attend the trainer education, the curriculum and the ways of educating entrepreneurs, the abilities of entrepreneurs, samples of successful entrepreneurs will be hold in and raising of trainers of entrepreneurship and with the help of these entrepreneurs, we aim to integrate the AB entrepreneurship culture into our country. Secondly, as a complementary working visit, there will be working sessions and trainings will be held in England. This visit is focused on co operations between public sector and NGO’s to encourage entrepreneurship, structural characteristics of educational training organizations specifically on entrepreneurship, grant terms and mechanism for seeding new companies, best practices of entrepreneurs supported by visited organizations and one session to discuss how to overcome especially financial obstacles of new entrepreneurs via developing contemporary teaching methodologies. Entrepreneurs who are well educated on basic entrepreneurial skills, has good use of information technology, can analyze data wisely, adopt innovative applications fuel local development. As a project result 14 applied entrepreneurship trainers were coached and these new trainers instruct local entrepreneurs with developed skill set so the local capacity will grow. Furthermore, adult education units have greater capability to transfer entrepreneurship spirit to learners so that they are more qualified and less scared to have their own business Entrepreneurship accelerates economical development and creates new jobs and increase production. By using limited resources entrepreneur produces new goods and creates higher added value. A better entrepreneurship trainers have begun to teach entrepreneurs better and make a better economy.

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