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Uuteen opetussuunnitelmaan ideoita kansainvälisessä yhteistyössä
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is a spyingproject in which two teachers from Hatsala classical school want to get more motivation to develope their work and continue co-operation in a larger scale afterwards.. Contact school is from Spain , Colegio DIOCESANO SAN ATON .We have already started our project by using E-twinning tool. Two classes are preparing simple presentations (in English) about themselves, school, town and Finland. When pupils get known eachothers, we´ll take a new project about naturegeography of each area. We´ll make presentations about the lake Kallavesi, it´s organs etc. and well make little reseaches about it in our biology and chemistry lessons together with our english and ITC teachers. We´ll make presentations in english and send them to our partnerschool .Our friendschool have already started their lessons about the biggest river in that area ( Guadiana) and they will report us and send pictures, videos and powerpointpresentations. Both groups will make questions about the material they made for the friendschool using Kahoottool. This gives new ideas to language teaching, science and ITC lessons.Later our classes can select issues they are interested in from our curriculum and continue co-operation. They learn to use new ipads and computers and programmes which are included in them . Pupils who already know how to use (who have participated ITC classes) can help the others.One theme is internationall kitchen. Pupils will share recepts and will make them in our home-economyclasses and at home after the school.We want to do spying because we want to start co-operation in many subjects in our school. We want to plan topics in which many subjects are working together (like the new curriculum is asking). We need contacts to the school to plan them . Even there will be only two teachers spying, the impact will be for the whole school and also parents and Kuopio citizens. We will take also parents councils when we´ll plan a new Erasmus +KA2 application next year together with Spanish school. Principall from Spanish school asked us to start planning during this spyingweek.We believe that when you have a possibility to see other school and can spy teaching there, you will get more motivation to your own work . Also it gives you keys to use modern technology in your own work. But the most important thing is pupils; they will get skills, which are very important in the future: ,languageskills, ITC-skills, co-operation skills and they will learn to trust foreigneers. Also very clever pupils will get more so they are not frustrated. Pupils also learn to handle pressure, when they have to co-operate with different pupils using foreign language. I believe that this will have positive feedback to languageteaching. Pupils want to learn more languages when they have possibilities to meet pupils fom Spain. This is also one possibility to activate pupils who are not succesfull at school, if we get them interested to the project, they might get more reasons to come to school and study
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