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Utvecklande och lärande Fridegårdsgymnasiet
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At Fridegårdsgymnasiet our international effort includes three current target areas and this project application pinpoints these three areas, which are as follows: - Raise the goal achievement of all students, primarily in Swedish and mathematics, by applying a more varied and individually adapted education - Increase the integration and inclusion. All students at Fridegårdsgymnasiet should feel involved in school activities - Enhance the international features of all tuition, for both students and staff, thus more likely to see themselves in a European and global context and learn from international contacts. Internationalization is both a goal in itself and a means to achieve the first two objectives. In this application, three training courses are included for a total of six staff and job shadowing for two staff. The staff in question will consist of teachers from different school activities. It is crucial to have support in all types of change and development work for the sake of clarity, mandates and the long-term perspective. Therefore the participating teachers represent the whole school in terms of working parties and subject competence. There are also teachers who are deeply engaged in school improvement issues. They take major responsibility for school development and are able to see great potential in the respective target areas. Two teachers working with newly arrived students in language introduction classes are going to job shadow in Spain, at a school which works successfully with newly arrived pupils. We do hope the cooperation with this school will be developed. Today we use eTwinning along with this school and they are also applying for job shadowing with us. A training course, dealing with mathematics and curricular integration and mathematics connected to everyday life, will be attended by two of our teachers. One of these teachers has been trained by the National Centre for Mathematics Education (NCM) in collaboration with the National Board of Education and is currently actively engaged in improving and developing mathematics as a subject in the municipality. The other teacher work with students with neuropsychiatric disabilities. This is an area where we will have to work extra hard on inclusion and where a multidisciplinary approach is desirable. Our intention is to send two teachers to a training course which focuses on linking language, mainly the mother tongue, with culture. We see this as an essential part to increase the integration time. Students who feel safe in their own culture are more open-minded to other cultures. We would like to help our students to interact with people of different origins, mainly in their vicinity but also in a broader perspective, in Europe and worldwide. We wish to let three teachers attend a course where the participants get new pedagogical tools to work with in their subjects in ways that strengthen students' self-assurance, motivating and focusing on cooperative learning. Many students today have a negative attitude to school and their own learning which hampers their development. We want to find ways to work with students so that they see the benefits of training and to find joy and challenge in their own learning. We expect to enhance the qualifications of our employees, to increase the educational variety and raise the educational awareness and discourse. We expect to increase the effectiveness of the students. A more varied and modern teaching allows students to experience the teaching as more relevant, meaningful and fun and they will take to the knowledge more easily. A modern and progressive school is considered attractive by parents and students and this will ultimately lead to the fact that the schooling is perceived as more valuable. The goal is that this project, besides increased knowledge of the participants and the remaining staff and a more exciting education for our students, will lead to new projects and more contacts with schools in other parts of Europe. Schools that have similar target areas as we, and with the will to develop education and skills. The expectation is that the whole school, all staff and students, will see the added value in the international work and that it to a greater extent leads us to reach the goals we are working towards . We expect integration and inclusion to increase as well as the awareness of the importance of this. We have high hopes of raising the achievement of the objectives of the school's students and new teaching tools will strengthen the basics in languages and mathematics. The expectation is that everyone will see that internationalization is a means to reach the objectives and not something we have to do on top of the actual assignment. While pursuing this international effort, we work with our primary mission, to help students achieve their goals, at a high level.
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