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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is committed to meeting the social demands that have recently developed in the field of language teaching. Besides teaching the German nationality language, our school has set the aim to improve the quality of the English language teaching. The courses of the Erasmus+KA1 mobility project provide us with professional help to achieve our goals, that is why four members of the English teaching team will submit their applications.Three of the colleagues plan to broaden their knowledge focusing on methodology.The courses will take place in Oxford, Kent and Brighton ( 4th-18th July.) The fourth teacher will attend a course in London, (15th-26th August). She would like to learn the different ways ICT tools can be used efficiently in the English language classroom. Our colleagues are strongly committed to their professional development. They honestly believe in the importance of life-long learning. They would like to refresh their language skills and renew their methodological culture.They feel that the range of their didactic methods has narrowed, they would like to get fresh impulses. They have chosen four, thematically different courses, which will improve different aspects of their methodology.Learning practical, communicative methods has been given priority in their choice, as using these approaches in practice will help the teachers get the students involved in the learning process.They will be acquainted with the most modern didactic approaches in teaching, they will be able to learn new teaching methods ranging from effective use of pair- and teamwork, to the beneficial use of projects and drama in classes and the motivation of mixed ability classes. They will study the different ways ICT tools can serve language learning purposes.They will refresh their language knowledge and they will gain insight into the education system in the UK.As a long-term impact of the project, at the teacher development courses our colleagues will find out how they can put 21st century skill- and competency development into practice. Returning home they will share their experience with other members of the teaching staff. In this way they will contribute not only to the increase of the standard of education, but they will also inspire all the teachers at our school.They will present the newly learned knowledge, the practical ideas in open lessons for their colleagues. These lessons will be followed by discussions where participants will be offered a chance to exchange their views . This will motivate other teachers to follow their example and participate in similar projects.We will build in all relevant experience in our school documents, so we can maintain the long-term impacts of the projects.The biggest and most important impact will be on the students, as they will benefit the most from the project. Our colleagues will be able to develop them more efficiently.They will be able to prepare them for the exams, tests and language competitions more successfully. The students’ language competencies, intercultural skills will definitely improve, too.As language teachers it is vital for the colleagues to improve their language competences as well. The fastest and most effective way to do it is obviously in the native environment. All participants have chosen homestay accomodation in the hope that this will provide them with an opportunity to be involved in the family’s life and they can get a first-hand experience about 21st century British life and culture.We hope that-as a result of our colleagues’ interpersonal skills-our school will become part of the European mobility and we will also be able to participate in International projects.As the 1st step of the project we registered in ECAS system. This was followed by an agreement between the school leadership and the participants, regarding the school’s needs and expectations and the participants’ personal development plans. We set the goals together. The colleagues collected the course descriptions and selected the ones that fit our goals the best both at team and institutional level. The next step was to receive the course reservation documents.In order to prepare the best application we consult our colleagues on a regular basis. Then we will submit the appplication. We prepare participants : they will collect information about travel, insurance, they will get to know their schools and the location.They will take part in the training. Returning home they will summarize the experience they have gained at the beginnning of the next school year, they will present them to the teaching staff.The most important task, the evaluation of the project, will take place in the follow-up period.Returning home from the mobility, having developed professionally, they will be able to carry on their teaching profession.As Prievara Tibor in his recently published book says-they have taken the first step towards becoming a 21st century teacher.
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