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Utaac - unity through art and culture
Start date: Apr 1, 2008,

UTAAC is the third part of a multilateral rotating project that startde in Finland two years ago. Last year we were in Austria and the project were called "Photo Wood Stories". UTAAC is a project initiated by Sockerbrukets Ungdomsverksamhet ( the old Nätverket, youth centre ) in Lidköping. The thought is to host an international exchange to bring youths from around Europe to meet and learn to work together in different workshops, like dancing, making music, making movies and so on. Making theem work and spend time together will widen their horizons and prevent prejudices. We had a youth exchange here in Lidköping 2005 and it was a succes. And now we are hoping to have another one this year with the countries Austria, Estonia, Spain and Sweden. The exchange is going to take place I Lidköping in august. Why we have choosen august is that we have a big festival I Lidköping in this month and the final will be the youngsters performing in the festival with their workshops.
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