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Using Drama Strategies to teach English Language and European Values Through Shakespeare.
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Education systems must generate new skills, to respond to the knowledge society and the need to improve education attainment. It is crucial to equip people with key competences, including the basic skills: good communication in mother tongue, foreign languages, interpersonal skills and digital abilities.The success and development of any community is brought about by affective change and development over a period of time. It is crucial to develop the young adults of tomorrow, the future leaders and entrepreneurs with the abilities to persuade, negotiate, to be flexible, be adaptable and to take sensible decisions. The demand for creative problem-solving and communication skills has risen in recent years. Allied to a more creative and imaginative use of ICT the young person, people and communities who have these skills will prosper. This project aims to develop the young people’s key competences in communication, interpersonal skills and ICT in its broadest sense. It is clear in schools that students engage with the online world at an increasing rate but the face to face contact and verbal discussion is weaker. This project will go a significant way to addressing that imbalance and skills shortage. This work will develop their understanding of speaking a common language and listening and reacting positively to different cultures, therefore improving co-operation and cohesion. The schools involved in the partnership have pupils coming from families belonging to a medium-low social economical background. The pupils experience outside the immediate area, the opportunities for travel and knowledge of other cultures are very limited. Pupils unfortunately cannot always see the use of modern foreign languages in their limited context, so therefore are not motivated to develop language skills. The current economic status of European countries is affecting the employment opportunities of all partnership pupils. The target group for this project will be students 14-16 years old, with 16 from each school being offered the opportunity to travel; whilst many more will have access to the resources, lessons and project results. The project will offer a chance to improve their social level and move up the social ladder.This project will allow pupils to experience the commonality of ICT content across five different schools, whilst developing new computing skills to address issues more creatively than merely presenting or re-presenting information. They will experience different teaching strategies and they will use foreign languages in a full immersion context, in concrete situations of learning and of ordinary life. The enhancement of communication skills will be enriched together with the knowledge of a much deeper understanding of issues which we face in Europe – for example Migration; Race; Ageing Populations; Mental Health.The groups of pupils will, hopefully as a result of this project, improve their English Language skills skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving, critical thinking and ICT, whilst developing their knowledge of other Education systems, culture, habits, and communication. The staff will improve their professional and languages skills, increase their professional development and develop skills in the learning/teaching process of partner schools. Staff will acquire new skills by Using Drama Strategies to teach English Language and European Values Through Shakespeare.An important product of the project will be the contents of The Shakespeare Code Vault. This will be filled with contributions from staff and students reflecting positive and constructive results throughout the project.The teachers will disseminate the results of the project during whole school training events, staff meetings and conferences at local, national and international level. At school level, all pupils will engage with the end product, plus the partnership staff will be users of the outcome of the project, at local level and be shared at international level by newsletter or websites. After the two years of the project, we plan to maintain the availability of the open sources in the platforms.

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