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Using computer technology to bring schools in Denmark into the 21st century
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As this application is about upgrading teaching competences in the area of digital information and communication technology (ICT) and is NOT about a partnership project with another country, then the summary must be read with this in mind.Background - Why should our member of staff take this course?Munkekærskolen and the town of Solrød are in an enormous growth period. More and more residents are moving to the area and new transport systems are being built, making access easier, both north and south. The school is expanding, building new classrooms and areas for pedagogical development, and the academic standard of the school is being constantly assessed and lifted, as never seen before. There is also an increased focus on pupils with special needs, where digital tools can aid the learning process. The demands of the new national curriculum to integrate digital tools and technology into education are putting pressure both on the school's computer base, but also on the teachers' knowledge of modern technology.The practical, skills-based ICT course at ETI Malta will give Munkekærskolen an upgraded knowledge of digital technology and skills to support the needs of the teachers, showing simple use of technological tools and programmes.The objectives of the course, in relation to the school -the nominated member of staff will gain:- better skills in technology and ICT- an awareness of ways of integrating ICT with teaching methodologies- how to use hands-on & experiential methods- knowledge to reflect on own teaching methods in relation to technology in the classroom today- knowledge of hands-on, interesting tools, software and programmes which are available as freeware- skills to set up activities linking methodology and modern technologyA description of the ICT activities on the course:CMC: Computer Mediated Communication, Podcasting & Recording, Preparing Audio for Online use, Authoring Tools, Creating Online Exercises,, How to design your own website, Techno Tools: Recording from your Computer Screen, Blogs: Uses and their Learning Potential, Designing a Blog, Creating Animated Slideshows, Embeddable RSS Feeds & Chat room, Creating a Blog, Downloading & Editing Video Clips, Subtitling as a Task, Creating an Avatar, Project WorkThe methodology used on the course: This course is taught interactively, with input sessions, collaborative and group project work. Participants are actively involved in all sessions. Input sessions are in the form of hands-on workshops and could involve brainstorming, analysis and at times problem-solving. Sessions help participants set up tools such as Blogs , Wikis & Websites and apply online tools in a scaffolded setting.Participants are asked to reflect on the tools & activities, inviting discussion with regard to their own knowledge & skills, their approach to teaching today’s students, and on adaptation of the use of the tools to their teaching & learning situations & contexts.Exchange of participants’ ICT and pedagogical knowledge is encouraged through discussion. Envisaged results and long term benefits of the dissemination of the course:Munkekærskolen is a fast-growing Primary/Secondary school with high standards for education and specialised teachers in all academic areas. There is a intense interest in working with IT programmes that will support the teaching of children with special needs. The area of IT and digital technology in the classroom is a top priority area at the school right now, with huge investments in material resources and training courses to teachers. The envisaged impact of the dissemination of the ICT course which our member of staff Sarah Nakel is participating in, will give a huge boost to both teachers and students. The new programmes and digital technology will upgrade the school, and increase the quality of communication between the project schools in other countries.Sarah Nakel has extensive contacts locally, nationally and internationally with teachers, where her job is to disseminate teaching practices and upgrade the teaching profession, so the dissemination impact after such a course will be huge. Munkekærskolen will immediately feel the advantages of Sarah Nakel's participation in the ICT course at ETI Malta.
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