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Using Art and New Technologies as Tools for Social Inclusion
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The purpose of this project is to promote social inclusion and multiculturalism through the use of Arts and New Technologies. It aims to promote a bigger tolerance and openness of the community to different cultures, as well as integrate people from minority groups. SYnergia possesses all the means necessary to fulfill the project’s activities. TOCA, the cultural project of the association, and SYnergia TV, associated online television, emerge as essential platforms for the fulfillment of the planned activities, offering volunteers all kinds of support.This project aims to: develop artistic activities, that deal with the social inclusion/multiculturalism issue and allow the stimulation of the conscience and interest of people on this; facilitating the integration of minority groups, through their participation in activities related to arts and new technologies; teach volunteers personal and professional competences that will make them more qualified for the labor market and more confident as individuals, as well as motivating them in the development of personal projects; streamline SYnergia TV as a tool to disseminate results; create a Multicultural Festival that involves all parts of the project, and that could be replicated in the other involved countries. To reach these goals we will integrate in our association six volunteers, for the period of twelve months. All the selected participants will be youngsters with less monetary, geographic or cultural opportunities. Having in mind the nature of the project, priority will be given to volunteers with cultural differences. To assure the well functioning of the project, we look for people with the following characteristics: entrepreneurs, creative, motivated, responsible, tolerant, interested and concerned with the social inclusion issue. To substantiate the purposed activities, it is essential that the participants possess technical competences in the subject of new technologies and/or artistic competences in all kinds of subjects.During the mobility activity, volunteers will develop the following activities: creating artistic shows that promote the issues of social inclusion and multiculturalism; organizing awareness campaigns about the same issues; giving workshops/courses at TOCA and other institutions, destined for people from minority groups; streamline a multicultural event, monthly, that promotes the sharing between different cultures; preparation of a Multicultural Festival, to happen at the end of the SVE project; rehabilitation of SYnergia TV’s website, that will also be used as an online platform to spread the project; recording of all activities that happened throughout the project, to share and to be used in a documentary about the project; production of audiovisual contents, working with people from minority groups. It is expected to contribute to the education of the community in the sense of respecting, understanding and integrating people from different cultures, understanding the richness of multiculturalism and transforming itself in a more inclusive and more open community when it comes to differences. On the other hand, it is intended that people from minority groups develop technical, artistic and personal competences that facilitate their integration. It is also expected that these people understand that they have the same rights and opportunities that everyone does, and the significance they have as individuals for a society, regardless of the cultural background they came from. In the course of the planned activities, volunteers will have the opportunity to acquire a set of technical and transversal competences that will make them more prepared and qualified for the work market; to evolve as active, participant and concerned individuals with multiculturalism and social inclusion issues. Putting aside the expected impact on a local level, with the opening of the community to cultural differences and with the integration of minority groups, it is expected that the project also has a strong impact on a national or international level. We intend that the results of the project reach the biggest number of people possible, awakening in them interest in social inclusion and multiculturalism issues, and the sense of initiative to create their own projects. For that to happen we will use the new technologies, which emerge as an ideal tool to spread the project at an international scale. Aside from this, one of the project’s goals implies the creation of a Multicultural Festival, to happen in all the involved countries, which will allow the impact of the project to be much greater in those communities but also at an European level.In the long run, it is expected that this project has an impact when it comes to the changing of mentalities of all the people that come in contact with it, promoting the increase of tolerance and of the understanding of multiculturalism and social inclusion.

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