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The aim of this proposal is the development of an educational method and educationalmaterial for teaching Greek as a foreign language based on the common words (ofGreek origin) that exist in many languages.As is known, many Greek words are widely used in other languages, but no effort hasbeen made up to now, in order to make the Greek language more familiar to beginners,based on this fact. We believe that we can use this, in order to facilitate the learning ofthe language and to attract new learners. By using these words, we believe that we canovercome some of the difficulties that many people face in learning the Greek language(i.e. different alphabet), and make the language seem more "friendly".The material that we will develop will be for beginners (level A1, according to theEuropean Framework for Languages). We aim to develop 24 educational units, both inelectronic and in printed form. The list of the common words, as well as other materialand information for the Greek language, will be on-line, in the website that will becreated for the project. The target language of the project is EL, and all the material ofthe project, including the list of the common words will be in EL, ES, IT, BG, RO, LV andEN.In addition, this means that the development and the use of such material aims tocontribute to multilingual comprehension in general, as these words that are commonwill bring the users in touch, not only with one (Modern Greek), but with four newlanguages, in which they are able to recognise and understand words, without effort.
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