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Use your brain, violence is insane
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The issue which we chose to deal with is apropos and has no boundaries: “Violence on the Internet and domestic violence in all its forms: psychological, verbal and physical”. The partnership is between three schools: 3rd Lyceum of Koropi from Greece (12 children and 3 teachers), Aradippou School from Cyprus (12 children and 3 teachers) and Coleguil de Industrie Alimentara "Elena Doamna" from Romania (10 children and 4 teachers). The Greek school which is the coordinating one has not participated - as opposed to the other two schools - in European programs; thus, we hope to be given the opportunity to. The Romania school is vocational unlike the other two which are of general education. All three schools are located in towns. Our activities are based on the involvement of children in group work on the relevant issues, attending special workshops, interviewing people who are victims of violence, informing local communities about the problem, especially the other children of each school or the children of other schools in the area but also other residents. Artistic activities will even be of use, in order to reveal the results of our work. The objectives of the suggested topic are both general and specific at the same time. We think that the field of education can contribute significantly to addressing the key challenges, our country and Europe are facing today and in the next decade. This happens because education has been recognized as one of the key factors to address the socio-economic crisis affecting the European countries to enhance economic growth and support social equality and social inclusion. Moreover, a large number of youngsters drop out of school for various reasons early and are at greater risk to remain unemployed. Young people need to prepare themselves for active participation in society. Through this project we hope to improve the opportunities for cooperation, while promoting synergies and interaction between the participants, eliminating artificial barriers between different forms of activities and projects, fostering new ideas and promoting new forms of cooperation. We also hope to promote language learning and linguistic diversity , greater understanding and responding to the social, linguistic and cultural diversity. We also intend to promote the increased level of digital skills, the more active participation in society, the more positive attitude towards European projects and EU values and a wider understanding of practices, policies and systems of education in all countries. The promotion of the use of learning outcomes in the broader social environment are some of the objectives of the program . In particular, the choice of the specific issue of violence relates well with various socio-economic problems that plague the wider society nowadays. Violence in various forms, either within the family, at school or through the Internet and social media communication, verbal and/or physical, can cause many intractable problems. Our goal is to make our students able to recognize which forms of violence take place in their environment, to dare to complain to the relevant authorities, to know how to avoid them and be able to impart their knowledge and experiences from their participation in the program. They will also learn that they are not alone in this tricky game of life; many other children at the same age, who live in different countries and have different lifestyles and different culture experience, face the same problems and can be joined in the struggle to solve them. This will create a healthy society with active citizens and critical thinkers, who not only can face any problems that might arise but also be able to prevent them at their birth.
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