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Urban Street Style - Leben und Arbeiten in London
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project shall present all the participants some cosmetic treatments and hairstyles. In the first week English and German concepts shall be presented. Similarities and differences are observed, evaluated and improved after discussing some advantages and disadvantages to finally get a promising bilateral and holistic treatments in the latest fashion in cosmetetics and hairstyles. At the beginning of the project the participants seem to be passive because of the unknown surroundings and situations. The particpants get language support, the English beauticians and hairsdressers get to know some important German words to be able to communicate. It is essential to have an English version of a cosmetic treatments and hairstyles, which can be found in the particants' portfolios. The most important vocabulary on word lists shall be also in the participants' portfolios. After the project these portfolios can be used, e.g. when they have to present the school, parents, friends, but also the international, national and local press the results of the project. From the second to the third week the participants shall be in different treatments and kinds of hairstyles to get to know different specific concepts, but also to present them their owns ideas. Later they they will also carry out - many concepts and hairstyles. At the end week three there shall be the latest cosmetic concepts and hairstyles. After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of different ideas in regular meetings of all particpants and the latest concepts, in which are reported the projects' experience, the participants' thoughts which of the concepts can be changed to develop a promising concepts (latest concepts in cosmetics and hairstyles). The results of the project as well as the long-term effects shall be the creation of different cosmetic concepts and hairstyles , the acquisition of some new language skills and new hairstyles and last but not least the willingness of work mobility in Europe. In the first week the particpants who seem to be passive at the beginning of the project get to know basic knowledge in English to be able to understand basic discussions. Furthermore the German participants plan a cosmetic treatments and hairstyles in English and they list the important words to have word lists to recall the words from the second week to the fifth week of the project/workplacement. The German participants also get to know how the English beauticians work: they observe and do some steps of the treatments and hairstyles on their own contolled way. It is our aim to create cosmetic treatment and the latest hairstyles which show the result of teams of beauticians/hairstylists who put a lot of aspects/ideas together to get a good or perfect result. Because of that we strengthen both teams and enlargen their competences.after the first days a kind of spirits will arise that bringt good ideas for treatment to the fore. According to the fact that the participants do not know each other because they come from different countries there is the chance that thy accept each other and create really good aspects of beauty treatments andbecause of that it opens the option to get a broarder experience and maybe some of them want to work in Germans and England or in different parts of Europe because the project does not only give and insight of the different concepts but to change the old concept into a real European one. There are regular meetings. , to give them an option to talk about their experience and how to change the concept.
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