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Urban Green as a Key for Sustainable Cities (GreenKeys)
Start date: Apr 30, 2005, End date: Apr 29, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

GreenKeys focuses on the improvement of urban green spaces as a step for more sustainable cities. The three main objectives are (1) to provide incentives for structural changes in cities by offering possibilities for improvement of green spaces. The partner cities will develop together with local stakeholders a strategic approach for the pilot project to create new or improve existing green areas for more accessibility, social and recreational value and ecological efficiency. With the involvement of local actors the political attention to the benefits of green spaces to urban environment will be increased. GreenKeys will support the implementation/evaluation of pilot projects in order (2) to develop a “Pool of Green Strategies” (instruments, methods, concepts and good examples) based on the experiences to fulfil the demands concerning future needs and (3) using the synergies will promote the transfer of knowledge through a network by fostering the exchange of transnational experiences. Expected Results: GreenKeys will support the implementation and evaluation of pilot projects in order to develop a "Pool of Green Strategies" (instruments, methods, concepts and good examples) based on partners' experiences and applicable for all European cities as a support for green space development and management. Synergies will emerge through the transfer of knowledge and experiences. In the course of the project, feasibility studies will be carried out to prepare for pilot project implementation, resulting in newly created or improved green spaces of high quality. Moreover, each city will formulate its "Urban Green Strategy" which will be discussed with the local stakeholders. This strategy includes a collective action plan aimed at policy and institutional reforms for boosting the relevance of urban green space and which is coupled to a general urban development strategy. A manual covering problem approaches and planning processes will be published and widely distributed. Recommendations for a European green policy in order to develop community strategies, instruments and standards for the balanced development of urban spaces will be formulated, discussed and submitted. The GreenKeys website contains all important information on the current stages of the project. It offers various possibilities for interactive collaboration with the project: an electronic glossary ensures the consistent use of technical terms; an e-library offers various texts on green space planning and related subjects; a collection of good practices and a calendar with congresses, exhibitions and workshops support the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

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