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Upgrading van ICTbekwaamheid en verbetering van de kwaliteit van het onderwijs via de course: Using interactive classroom technologies to promote dialogic learning and teaching, with interactive whiteboards, touchscreens and mobile devices.
Start date: Jun 20, 2016, End date: Aug 19, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Goal:Project: Using interactive classroom technologies to promote dialogic teaching and learning, includes improving the quality of education in the modern foreign languages through: dialogue in the classroom, collaborative learning, collegial, collaborative professional development related to these topics.Context:Van Lodenstein College belongs to SORG foundation. There is an optimal ICT education infrastructure, with a large number of Interactive Whiteboard, some education learning centres, an electronic learning environment, with educational Web-based language learning, a learnlab and the intention for a CYOD pilot with educational content and portable devices in laptopcarts.Vision & Methodology:Based on the DORVO report Learning 2020, Strategic Development document 2015-2020 : Richtgever, and the Four-in-Balance principles of Kennisnet , SAMR and Tpack model, there is a need for educational ICT innovation. Why? Input and activities aim to promote participants professionalism by offering challenging tasks involving analysis of classroom practice recordings, assessment and construction of teaching materials requiring the application of theoretical concepts and design criteria related to effective use of technology with a focus on dialogic teaching and learning. The target is to create an interactive and integral study opportunity for pupils with CYOD (Choose Your Own Device and ELO (Virtual Electronic Learning Environment) with high tech webbased language learning materials, like speech recognition technology and speech analysis for pronouncation and fluency. Also to develop trainingfacilities for the implementation of using interactive classroom technologies to promote dialogic teaching and learning. This is provided by the SmartVET trainingcourses in the University of Valencia.The ICTO specialist of the Van Lodenstein College continues the knowhow based on : "Preparing to be a trainer/coach to promote the effective use of interactive whiteboards in Education. ' and uses the train -the- trainer concept.Activities:The acquired knowledge, an internal Voucher DIGIwaaardig training programme is provided for 4 MVT keyteachers, which passed the knowledge of the trainingcourse out to the Van Lodenstein teacher teams. Next, there is a knowledge dissemination at a large part of the team of teachers. On the basis of a intern voucher program, 4 modern European language learning teachers will be recruited and will go in July 2016 with the ICT-O specialist to the Itilt post-graduate "Using Interactive whiteboards in Language Education".This is the application of the new interactive technologic expertise specific to the modern foreign languages. The certified SmartVET/Itilt teachers working through the train-the- trainers concept spread their knowledge to their teams and to the overall organisation. The using of interactive classroom technologies to promote dialogic teaching and learning, combined with the interactive whiteboard knowledge spreads out (through the train-the trainer-principle) in modern foreign language teaching , over the branches of the van Lodenstein College in Amersfoort, Hoevelaken and Kesteren.
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