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UPCARING - UPgrading CARe service with INnovative skills certification, e-learning and matchinG systems
Start date: 01 Nov 2011,

In an increasingly ageing Europe, the impact of invalidating illnesses also increases and, as a consequence, the need for family care assistance grows. This puts an immediate pressure on the labor market demanding adequate workers, both in terms of numbers and of qualifications. Families are often faced with the difficulty to find outside the grey market the right person in whose hands they can trust to put the life of their elders or invalid relatives.Moreover, in a society where knowledge, technologies and their applications progress quickly, and often imply the digitalization of services, families need to be able to select the people who can support them in the use of new systems and approaches for the care of the person.This implies the need for a new professional figure that is the care services provider (CSP) who has specific skills and competences and, as a matter of fact, are mostly migrants attracted by the expanding possibility of working in the care sector and, who, however, especially for having low qualifications or for the impossibility of having their previous work experience and education recognized, find it difficult to integrate in society and labor market and become a burden on society UPCARING aims to identify an integrated model that proposes a European framework of competences, a validation system of prior learning (in/formal and non formal), an eLearning model based on supported self-learning and collaborative learning, and a D/S matching system, validated in national piloting activities. The model will be equipped with concrete tools for the final beneficiaries and for the intermediary professionals and pratictioners as well as policy recommendations for policy and decision-makers.
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