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Unvealing Aversive Discrimination

The issue of Aversive Discrimination has not yet been addressed openly and directly in the field of adult education. Nowadays discrimination is not what it used to be in the past, luckily. In almost all sectors the level of awareness of those who work or volunteer or study in adult education excludes any direct discrimination. This fact is also supported by legislation, ethical principles, awareness of rights, etc. However, in the last twenty years numerous authors and groups have been debating the aversive aspects of discrimination. UAV Partners are organisations addressing some type of diversity, and thanks to their work in the respective fields, are conscious of the presence of aversive discrimination in many educational materials used in adult education. They wish to address the issue openly and also to start a debate on intersectional discrimination (being a woman and a lesbian, being a man belonging to an ethnic minority and having a disability, etc;) and how this inflences the learning paths of learners. UAV final aim is to promote the idea of formal and non-formal adult education really inclusive and accessible to all.UAV will be widely disseminated through the partners’ networks and through numerous localized outputs (handbook, website, leaflets, newsletters) which will be cross-tested by the partners.
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