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"Unsere nachhaltige Kugel" - Beschäftigung mit Themen zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung auf der Erde
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Our sustainable ball" - dealing with topics related to sustainable development on the Earth The aim of the youth encounter project was that project participants together worry from 4 European countries for the sustainable development of mankind on Earth and complexity. Skills, knowledge and competencies along the way should be given to each participant of the project so For this projekt played a decisive role as emotional as well as plot-related components of education. The United Nations have for the years 2005 to 2014 decided a UN Decade "Education for sustainable development" at the World Summit in Johannesburg and called for all countries to take this issue into the national education systems. For this project, we have used methods of non-formal and informal learning and interconnected types of learning for a sustainable development and informal environmental education. This youth encounter aimed at not only the mutual understanding and common leisure activities, but also improving the public perception of education for sustainable development. Coordinator of this project was the SLP district Leipzig Probstheida gGmbH. We operate a children's and Youth Recreation Centre (KJFZZ) and conducted since 2002 several times by the EU funded bilateral and multilateral youth encounter projects. A preparatory meeting took place may 5 - 7, 2015 with the partners in Leipzig. Here was a detailed discussion of the substantive and organizational program, individual activities and the distribution of tasks to the partners. The partners received a book on the topic of "Sustainability" and other information materials, content the meeting to prepare the other project participants. The youth encounter took place in the time of the 25.7.2015 to 5.8.2015 in Leipzig. The topic "Sustainable development on Earth" we have with 40 participants from the countries of Bulgaria, content processed Lithuania, Hungary and Germany, discussed and creatively designed models. The age distribution of participants was 13 to 27 years. In this age group, young people begin to deal with problems and situations in other countries, as well as for their immediate living environment more intensively with everyday issues. In all activities, male and female participants were equally involved in all parts of the program and have actively collaborated. The project participants were housed in a tent camp. The project activities were held in the great Hall and on the open-air site of our KJFZZ. Objective was young people to offer not only leisure activities, but also themes to convey and actively in the project design to include them anyway. In workshops and discussion panels were the project participants with the concepts of "sustainable development of the Earth" and familiar with various aspects. They have developed their own ideas how they creatively can implement this for themselves and for a publicly effective presentation. The following activities took place: 1. 4 workshops and discussions on the topic of "Triangle of sustainability": economic efficiency, environmental compatibility and social justice, whereby each partner country decorated a workshop topic. 2. Creative design of the theme: - We designed on the grounds of the KJFZZ a colour painted globe (a gymnastic was coated with Esrtrich and placed on a pedestal made of gas concrete). The three aspects - economic efficiency, environmental compatibility and social justice were recorded on aluminium bars. On the base, Jet participants have recorded themselves and important features of their countries. The participants designed motifs of "sustainable development", which were issued at the end of the project and could take home the project participants on herself-siphoned sheets of paper made from recycled paper. 3. Activities: sightseeing tour of Leipzig, visit the Leisure and amusement park "Belantis", visiting of the Leipzig Zoo and the international battle monument, visit the city centre of Leipzig, disco and sports activities. 4. design of 4 country evenings 5. Public relations: About the project a photo and video documentation was created, project results in the local media and presented on the Internet pages. At the end of the project, the participants received a Youthpass with detailed representation of mediated knowledge. The objectives of the project were achieved overall. The continuation of youth encounter projects is planned.
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