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Unlocking yOur Potential: A training course for youth workers about empowerment of young people using self-exploration as a tool
Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Oct 4, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background and theme of the training course: We believe that gaining a deeper understanding of ‘who we are’ is an empowering process which can lead to positive life changes. Empowering young people through this process could, for instance, lead to increased participation in society, or in democratic life, or to increased employability. We believe that each individual is unique and by embracing this diversity, we can enrich ourselves and indeed society. Furthermore, the international nature of our group of participants, and indeed the link between culture and identity, will result in intercultural dialogue which will enhance and enrich the experience for our participants. The aim is to enable participants to support the young people they work with in their identity process and to plan their personal pathway in life. We invite participants who are open to experiencing a personal journey and who are in a position to apply their learning to their work with young people after this training course. (multiply function) Objectives: • To support participants to become more aware of themselves and in so doing be enabled to make conscious choices and decisions that fit with their goals in life. • To provide participants with some tools to support their young people through a similar process. • To understand how our behaviour is influenced by our perception of ourselves, and by how others see us. • To look how you can rely on powerless, inconvenient feelings and deal constructively with them. • To discover the new Erasmus Plus program and its actions as a tool to support the objectives of this training The Training course will take place in Antwerp, Belgium between the 2-8 June 2015 and will consist of 30 participants from 13 different European Union member countries. This training course will be based on non-formal and informal education with a self-directed learning approach. The working methods will include case studies, working in pairs and small groups, team building activities, role plays, discussions, workshops developed by the participant and self-assessment. This training course is aimed at youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers working with young people that are experiencing social exclusion. The participants are stimulated to spread what they learn in their own practice and share it with colleagues from elsewhere. We will create a dropbox with all the materials, handouts, pictures, movies, tools, useful links etc and share it with the participants and the partner organizations. The long term impact of the training course is that back home the participants are better prepared for questions from young people about identity. The participants give more 'surplus' in their consults so the youngsters have the feeling they receive what they're looking for. Moreover, we believe that this project can support the participants personal and professional development. They will live and work with people from different countries and for sure get a lot of new perspectives.
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