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Universities-Companies Crowdsourcing
Start date: 01 Oct 2013,

One of the main reasons to undertake this project is related to strengthen links between Companies and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and to improve different solutions given by students and professors to companies. We aim to contribute to the “new learning and teaching methods” by creating a platform to match company needs and students projects. All partners involved consider important to develop new methods to gather these two realities, and as a result we intend to create a community that will work together and will solve real problems. One other reason is to promote an European network between companies (in this specific project, those related to energy) and HEI's and decrease the regional networks where a company in one country only work with HEI's from the same country. We want to contribute to better students for all European space and not only for our countries.Our main objectives are:A) To transfer the crowdsourcing model into the academic environment;B) To promote the cooperation between companies/ HEI's;C) To contribute to European economic growth thought more well trained human resources;D) To develop a system of incentives that promote the involvement of academics with the business environment;E) To promote the use of technologies into the classes;F) To promote the mobility between European partners, since a group from one country could have the best solution for a problem from a company in another country;G) To contribute to the discussion of better solutions for the energy field;H) To create a network of companies and HEI's in the field of energy;I) To promote curricula development foster by companies involved in the consortium;J) To run a pilot study, that will join together students, companies and professors, from various countries;L) To display a teaching training to use the platform as a pedagogical tool.
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